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Top Dog Names Of 2011

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Some dog names are extremely unique like Calliope or Partario.

Others are standard like Fido or Biscuit.

None of those fall on the top dog names of 2011 though, so people seem to be going somewhere between classic and unique.

They are:

25. Ginger
24. Jake
23. Sasha
22. Bear
21. Toby
20. Harley
19. Lola
18. Jack
17. Roxy
16. Lucky
15. Sophie
14. Princess
13. Sadie
12. Maggie
11. Chloe
10. Rocky
9. Charlie
8. Coco
7. Molly
6. Lucy
5. Bailey
4. Daisy
3. Buddy
2. Max
1. Bella

We always knew Teddy was unique!

[Image via WENN.]

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One In Ten Pets Have A Facebook Profile

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One In Ten Pets Have A Facebook Profile

Blogging pet? That's totes ridiculous! LOLz!

A new study says a different breed of celebrity is taking over Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

One in ten of all UK pets have their own Facebook page, Twitter profile or YouTube channel, and more than half of UK pet owners are sharing photos of their pets online.

The rise of pets online has also seen a number of owners joining dedicated sites, with names such as Critter, Catster and Doggie Dating.

Others have also set up entire websites devoted specifically to their pets, many of which have raised money for rescue centres or animal welfare charities.

Neil Brettell, director of insurer PetPlan, who commissioned the study, said that it suggested that “animals are more popular than celebrities on Facebook and other social networking sites.”

He added "A site that incorporates animals AND celebrities sounds like it would be the best website ing the world!!"

Ok, he didn't say that last part. LOL.

[image via smileytheclown.com]

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New Trend — Pet Names Are Sounding More Human

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cat serving tea

Michael, SIT!

According to a study of 36,000 pet names by John Lewis Insurance, people are rejecting traditional pet names in favour of those normally given to children.

Families are more likely to call their mut George than Tiddles, while pooch names like Fido or Lassie have been replaced by Toby.

Poppy is the UK most popular name for both dogs and cats while Alfie, Molly, Charlie, Max, Bella, Millie, Daisy and Rosie appear in the Top 10 for both animals.

The company's research also uncovered a craze for naming cats and dogs after celebrities, with J-Lo, Shakira, Clint Eastwood and Will.I.am among the stars paid tribute to in the list.

The top ten pet names for pets in Britain:

For Dogs
1: Poppy, 2: Alfie, 3: Molly, 4: Charlie, 5: Max, 6=: Bella, 6=: Ruby, 8: Millie, 9: Daisy, 10: Rosie.

For Cats
1: Poppy, 2: Oscar, 3: Charlie, 4: Molly, 5: Daisy, 6: Millie, 7: Alfie, 8: Rosie, 9: Tigger, 10: Bella, 10: Max, 10: Monty.

[Image via WENN.]

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James Franco: Cat Person

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James Franco: Cat Person

James recently reviled:

"I was raised as a cat person. had cats when I was a kid and that's what I'm used to. I don't really know how to take care of a dog, but I think I'm pretty good with cats."

Franco is such a cat guy, in fact, that the multi-hyphenate shows up to black tie events with cat hair on his clothes.

"You can see some of their hair," he told reporters at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in New York on Tuesday.

The grad student's two cats, Sammy and Zelda, whose names have a literary bent.

"Sammy's named after Sammy Glick from [Budd Schulberg's] What Makes Sammy Run, and Zelda is named after Zelda Fitzgerald."

Why doesn't this surprise?

[Image via WENN.]

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Make Your Dog Park Trips More Enjoyable

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helen hunt at the dog park

Like any other community, dog parks have their problems.

Here are some suggestions gathered from dog park veterans that will make your dog park visits enjoyable:

Post the rules in writing.

If the park you visit doesn’t post rules, ask that this be done to enhance the visits for everyone. That way no one has an excuse for breaking them.

Take dogs at an early age.

Dogs need to socialize, and first visits to a dog park can be intimidating. He'll get used to being around other dogs and people, and will develop confidence quickly.

Keep emergency collars and leashes on hand.

Some owners like to take their dogs’ collars off before going to the park, and others don’t even bring leashes. Keep a few leashes and choke collars in a nearby storage box or some other place that’s handy.

Ban treats.

Dogs will compete for treats. The safest thing to do is insist that all park users refrain from bringing any dog treats.

Discourage aggressive behavior.

Speak up if a dog gets aggressive more than once. You may find yourself in an argument, but isn’t that better than dog bites, veterinary bills or even lawsuits?

Get to know people’s names.

Keeping peace at the dog park is easier when you’re with friends, and friends know each other’s names. So ask. Write them down if you have to. Learn who your fellow dog park visitors are.
[Image via WENN.]

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10 Best Pop-Star Pet Names

Kitty Purry and Billy Joel

Think your pet has the best name out there?

Compare and contrast to this list of the music industries 10 best!

Striking, silly, original, and unique to say the least, these pet names are the best of the best that the chart toppers of today (and a few from yesterday) have bestowed upon their furry friends!

Ch-ch-check 'em out!

Either Beyonce's dog Munchie loves to eat or his face was just so adorable that only an adorable name like "Munchie" would do!

Who knew Rihanna's hit song Pon De Replay was actually about her dog DJ? Ha! We're only kidding, but seriously DJ…turn that music up!

Christina Aguilera may be Dirty, but her dogs are Stinky, Chewy, and Cocoa! Ha! Short, cute, and descriptive!

Music icon and Beatles member, John Lennon, paid tribute to another music icon and named his cat Elvis after the King himself!

Michael Jackson became a name synonymous with the music industry after decades of chart topping music, while Bubbles became a name synonymous with awesome pet monkeys!

50 Cent loves Oprah Winfrey so much that he named his dog Oprah Winfrey! LOL! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz may appear to be a wild rocker, but we knew he had a thoughtful side and his dog's name, Hemingway, proves it!

Kelly Clarkson is a well-known animal lover whose pets have graced the pages of TeddyHilton.com many times, but none stood out more than her goat Billy Joel! We wonder if it was respect or resemblance that prompted this naming choice? Hmm…check out Billy above and decide for yourself!

As if Kelly Osbourne's 1-year-old Pomeranian puppy Sid wasn't cute enough, she decided to out do herself and get him a wifey! Noodles or "Noody Bear" is Kelly's newest and probably cutest fluffy black Pomeranian that she hoped to match up with Sid, but unfortunately things aren't going quite as planned, as she explained:

"I want her to be Sid's new wife, but he actually seems a bit scared of her – she playfully nipped him and he didn't know what to do!"

Although we love all animals and have a special place in our hearts for all of the celeb pets we've mentioned so far, none sticks out more so than this purrfect pet name!

Kitty Purry is Katy Perry's cleverly-named cat that is so famous she has even become a trending topic on Twitter! How many pets can say that? Not many!

Think your pet's got a better name? Tweet it at us! We'd love to hear from you!

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Meet The Newest Osbourne

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Meet The Newest Osbourne

So cute!

Kelly Osbourne tweeted this pic and the world (aka her followers) to the newest member of her famous fam.

MissKellyO said:

this is my new dog noodles aka noody bear

Um… inneresting names Kel! But this dog by any other name is still super adorable!

She went on to Tweet:

"I have been looking for months to find a wife for Sid and I have finally found her. She looks exactly like him — we can't wait!"

"She weighs less then 1 pound."

"She is one tuff cookie that is already ruling the house."

Aw. We know the three of you will be very happy together happy together!

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