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Female Arousal Nasal Spray Ready For Clinical Trials!

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A new clinical trial is about to get under way for "female Viagra!"

Say whaaaat??

Yup! It's called Tefina and it's a testosterone gel that women spray up their nose about an hour before doing some sex.

Not as sexy as discreetly popping a pill but hey whatever helps ladies get their rocks off!

The drug is expected to be able to boost female sexual arousal and satisfaction.

It's actually causing some controversy because

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Doctors To Neti-Pot Users: Do Not Put Tap Water Up Your Nose!

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Neti Pot deaths

After two people in Louisiana died from brain-eating amoebas they contracted while using neti pots — a home remedy for colds — doctors aren't advising patients to shoot tap water through their nostrils to relieve their ailment.

A 20-year-old man and 51-year-old Louisiana woman both died of encephalitis over the course of this year, which was traced back to a microbe floating around in tap water used in a neti pot device.

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Ten Tips To Kick The Common Cold To The Curb

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Common Cold to the curb

The average adult catches a cold three times a year that usually lasts an average of 9 days. That's 27 miserable days out of your year wasted!

However, experts believe fast action can dramatically reduce the amount of time your body is affected by the common cold. Check out ten tips to kick a cold to the curb below!

Drink lots of water and juice! Staying hydrated cuts down on symptoms like a sore throat and stuffy nose.

Gargle with salt water to flush out bacteria and viruses. According to Philip Hagen, MD, medical editor in chief of Mayo Clinic Book of Home Remedies, says:

"The salt draws out excess water in your throat’s tissues, reducing the inflammation, and clears mucous and irritants from the back of the throat."

Keep your nose clean and take a hot shower. Studies have found the use of nasal spray immediately after cold symptoms begin may reduce their impact. Warm moisture from a hot shower helps clear nasal passages.

Get medicine ASAP! Take advantage of a pain reliever and fever reducer when symptoms begin. Allergy meds will help calm your runny nose and watery eyes, while also clearing your sinuses and keeping you more alert.

Skip the OTC cough medicine. Apparently, honey works just as well. Medical professionals recommend two tablespoons straight from the jar or stirred into tea.

Stay home from work if you can. Not only is the virus most contagious in the first few days, but your body can fight it off faster if it is well-rested.

Eat Chicken soup. It's not just for the soul. Research suggests it really does help relieve cold symptoms!

Exercise (lightly)! Doctors agree that light exercise can actually boost the immune system, but suggest keeping your heart rate just under 100 to avoid overexertion.

Eat healthy to boost your immune system! Choose protein-heavy meals with lean meat or fish, along with whole-grain sides and antioxidant-rich veggies.

Still feel like shizz? Call your doctor to make sure you don't have anything WORSE than a common cold! Otherwise, keep up this healthy routine for a couple days until the virus disappears.

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