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Iowa Man Literally Forklifts The Fudge Out Of A Money-Grubbing Vending Machine, But Ends Up With His Twix Wrapped In A Pink Slip!

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iowa forklift twix vending machine fired national guard

Like Wall Street CEOs & used car salesmen, vending machines are NOTORIOUS for stealing money from the hungry and the destitute!

And there's a vending machine in Milford, Iowa that's apparently worse than most!!!

Veteran and forklift operator Robert McKevitt wasn't having it, though! He stuck a dollar in the aforementioned vending machine at his warehouse and waited patiently for his carmel-drizzled, milk chocolate-coated Twix bar.

It. Never. Came.

The 27-year-old described his thought process:

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All The Deets On This Year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!


Even Hurricane Sandy can't keep the angels from their runway!

The heavenly Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will take place in New York City tomorrow and collection designer Todd Thomas says it will be "magical."

The seksi panty parade will broken up into six segments and feature 65 costumes and 28 pairs of wings all encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

The show opener is set to a

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PETA Gets The National Guard To Cancel A Cruel Circus Act

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The Liebel Family Circus was going to perform several shows at National Guard armories in Arkansas.

Luckily PETA stepped in and wrote a letter to Major General William D. Wofford of the Arkansas National Guard and explained how the circus's owner, Hugo Liebel has been hit with almost three dozen violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

Immediately realizing he didn't want the National Guard to be associated with such cruelty, Major General Wofford cancelled four scheduled performances.

Hugo Liebel is a cruel man with a long history of animal abuse, from tying down or chaining up animals to the point where they can't move, to literally beating them with bullhooks and electric prods.

We are so glad that PETA stepped in and was able to send a message that animal abuse will NOT be tolerated.

[Image courtesy Usien/Wikimedia Commons.]

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Phone App Hopes To Help Prevent U.S. Soldier Suicides

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guard your buddy app

We can't say this enough. If you're EVER contemplating suicide, PLEASE get help!

Anyone who doesn't know where to go for help can now download a smart phone app that will make sure they find it.

Guard Your Buddy is an app developed by Clark Flatt, president and CEO of the Jason Foundation, in conjunction with the Tennessee National Guard to help prevent soldiers from taking their own lives.

Since suicides in the National Guard have risen 450% since 2004, Flatt hopes the app will help reduce that rate, saying:

"We hope soldiers will download this smart phone application and pass it on to their fellow troops to ensure they have someone to talk to in times of trouble. It's difficult to predict if or when a member of our guard family will face suicidal thoughts, but we want them to be able to get help if they need it."

Any idea is a good idea when it comes to saving lives is you ask us!

[Image via WENN.]

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