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20 Actors Who Almost Died On Movie Sets!

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jennifer lawrence near death edit

Everyone thinks being a movie star is soooo glamorous!

Well, not always!

Especially not when you almost DIE during the filming of the flick you’re in!

So many stars have had some very close calls throughout the years. From fireballs to scary falls to asphyxiating fog machines!

Wanna see who in Hollywood has cheated death while working on a movie?

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “20 Actors Who Almost Died On Movie Sets!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “20 Actors Who Almost Died On Movie Sets!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “20 Actors Who Almost Died On Movie Sets!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “20 Actors Who Almost Died On Movie Sets!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery “20 Actors Who Almost Died On Movie Sets!"

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This Photo Of Sum 41's Deryck Whibley Might Just Make You Quit Drinking!

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deryck whibley avril lavigne ex sum 41 singer bad shape rock bottom drinking near death photos

He WAS a skater boi. Now he's hit the skids.

Deryck Whibley, lead singer of Sum 41 and possibly known better as Avril Lavigne's ex-hubby, shared a harrowing story this weekend.

After years of abusing alcohol, he suffered multiple

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Shipwrecked Siblings Survive Grueling 14-Hour Swim To St. Lucia Shore!

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siblings swim 14 hours dan suski kate suski shipwreck survive st lucia

We'd like to see Ryan Lochte try this!!

Actually, we wouldn't — this sounds like a HORRIFYING ordeal!!

Kate and Dan Suski just returned from an unexpectedly grueling vacation, one they're grateful to have survived!

The American siblings were pushed to the limit last week when the fishing boat they chartered SUNK eight miles of the coast of St. Lucia!

The captain and first-mate opted to float near the wreckage and wait for rescue, but Dan & Kate didn't like those odds at all! Instead they braved FIERCE waves and spent the next 14 hours swimming to shore!!

Dan spoke of the scary thoughts that crept into his mind:

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Kelly Clarkson's Dog Has Near Death Experience!

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And Kelly is a wreck!

Kelly Clarkson almost lost one of her beloved dogs almost died Tuesday.

Joplin is currently at a veterinarian hospital and the singer is all broken up. She shares the following on her ordeal:

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Near Death At SeaWorld Tape Released To The Public

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They are called KILLER whales…as in they can KILL you!!!

Trainer Ken Peters is a VERY lucky man.

During a 2006 performance with Kasatka at SeaWorld San Diego, the killer whale nearly drowned Peters.

He was able to escape and only suffered minor injuries.

Due to the Freedom of Information Act, the video of the near death has been released as OSHA presented the tape in defense of SeaWorld.

The video is related to safety violations filed against SeaWorld during the 2010 death of Dawn Brancheau.

Check out the vid (above) to see the harrowing experience all on tape.

SeaWorld is currently weighing the possibility of an appeal to remove restrictions ruled against them in June.

Killer whales belong in the oceans…not in theme parks or zoos.

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Video Footage Documents Man Surviving Skydiving Accident

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Words can not express how terribly we feel for this skydiver who unknowingly filmed the accident which started his life as a quadriplegic.

During a routine jump amongst experienced friends, the man filming (identified as Tim in the footage) collides with a friend at 2,500 feet in the sky and tangles his parachute.

Unable to properly maneuver the mangled "ball of nylon", Tim plummets to the ground and breaks his pelvis, back and neck as he lands in a cornfield.

He not only details his traumatic experience on his YouTube page, but shares it took him four-and-a-half years to watch the harrowing footage, writing:

"As I lay waiting for help, spinal shock begins to set in paralyzing my diaphragm and breathing on my own becomes impossible. Rescue breathing is performed as I lose consciousness. Paramedics arrive and I'm med-flighted to UW Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin where I awake days later after surgery and begin life as a quadriplegic. It's taken me four and a half years to be able to watch this video."

The actual impact is (thankfully) cut from the video, but what remains is an inspirational display of courage.

His friends come to his aid and Tim (even after suffering life-threatening injuries) calmly instructs them how to properly care for him to ensure his survival until paramedics arrive.

Watch the jaw-dropping video above to see a man bravely face the reality of his awful situation as he fights for his life.

Tim, if you're reading this, you are our hero!

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Pit Bull Nearly Starves To Death, Needs Your Support

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This is just a close-up shot of what Bubba the Pit Bull looks like.

The 6- to 10-month puppy was discovered last week in Ohio when authorities visited the home of the dog's owner, Tyree D. Kyle. Bubby was found in a locked room, lying in his own feces and urine. He was seriously emaciated.

Animal control officer John Ornatz examined the dog and reported that he weighed 14 pounds, instead of the 30 or 40 pounds a typical dog his age would weigh. Ornatz called it one of the worst cases of animal abuse he'd ever seen in his 28 years of service.

Owner Kyle pleaded not guilty to a charge of animal cruelty with members of his family testifying that he had no job or money to feed himself, let alone his puppy.

What a pathetic excuse.

Animal activists, who lined the courtroom wearing "Justice for Bubba" t-shirts, were also not convinced.

He is currently facing a very lenient sentencing of a maximum of 60 days in jail and a $750 fine.

Bubba is currently in good hands and is sleeping, but he is weak and can barely walk. Long-term effects of his neglect and abuse could mean that he will most likely never walk correctly again. Jennifer Bird, who is currently caring for Bubba, is appalled that Kyle could walk away with such a lenient sentence. She says:

"This man is getting charged with an M-4 fourth grade misdemeanor, which is the sort of penalty assessed for spitting on the sidewalk]. We want to see that be an M-2. Instead of community service, we want this man to not be allowed to have a dog for five years, and we want to see him serve some jail time. 'We don't want him to pay a fine and do community service and get a slap on the wrist, not for what he's done. Animal abuse is happening in this area and we need stricter laws in Ohio. I want the community to be outraged and say enough is enough."

We are just as outraged. This is just so, so horrible.

To support Bubba and find out what you can do, please visit his Facebook page.

And to see a full-body picture of Bubba and his emaciated body, click after the jump. WARNING: Very graphic image. Trust us, you will be outraged too.

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