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Julianne Moore Talks Playing Palin!

Soooo interesting!!

And can we just say, whoever it was that saw in Julianne Moore the potential to look EXACTLY like Sarah Palin is a genius — and can see something we can't!

Because when she ISN'T done up like Sarah, she looks nothing like her!


Check out this video of Julianne on Chelsea Lately, and listen to what she has to say about playing Sarah, and all the negatives that seem to be coming with the positives!

Click play!

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Madonna's Bro Uses Facebook To Talk Smack On Her!

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Madonna's brother Christopher

Surprise, surprise! Yet another person on Facebook is complaining!

Madonna's estranged brother, Christopher G. Ciccone, has taken to social media to try to bring down the Queen of Pop.

Following her massively successful Nightline interview, Chistopher updated his status with these supportive messages:

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Why Stacy Francis Thinks She Shouldn't Be Held Accountable For Her Lackluster X Factor Performance

Goodness gracious, is Stacy Francis becoming the Lindsay Lohan of X Factor or WHAT?!


After her lackluster performance of Celine Dion's It's All Coming Back To Me Now on last night's episode, after which she was given less-than-stellar feedback across the board by the judges' panel, the reality contestant spoke out against them with claims that she was being picked on!

She says:

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Diddy Goes Wild On A Club Goer For Not Drinking Ciroc!

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Drink responsibility - drink Ciroc around Diddy!

Last night, all of the best of the best of hip hop music were at the Atlanta Civic Center for the BET Hip Hop Awards. Once the show as finished taping, all the fly dudes and ladies went out to celebrate a successful evening of music with some serious after parties.

One such party was hosted by Diddy and his friends at the Compound. Things were going great, until Diddy got too handsy with someone in the crowd. It's hard to really see from this video (above) but allegedly, Puff called out a guy in the crowd for not drinking his own personal brand of alcohol, Ciroc. He swiped the cup out of his hand, spilling it all over the place and when the guy came at him, Diddy hid behind his security detail.

Regardless of the chain of events, things got very negative really fast, which is why T.I. stepped in at the last minute to ask Diddy and the club goer to cool it.

Like we said, its hard to make out exactly what happened with the video and it is truthfully very loud, so other than a few, um, colorful euphemisms, its hard to make out what they are saying. But have a look/listen and tell us what U think happened?

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Lindsay Lohan Is Upset About All Of Her Bad Press From Fashion Week!

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This is just like lighting a match, burning your fingers with it, and then whining to anyone who will listen about how upset you are that you're hurt while all the while taking no responsibility for your actions.

As we've reported on numerous occasions, Lindsay Lohan was up to her old tricks again all over fashion week, causing a ruckus and making scenes pretty much everywhere she went - to the point that she was shunned by party hosts and celebrities alike - and now, of course, her rep, Steve Honig, is crying to the media about how false all these stories are and how they hurt his client's feelings.

He says in a statement:

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Is Oprah Losing Faith?? Tells Fans "The World Is A Mess"

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Oh no! That's not the right attitude, Oprah!

Oprah, who is usually known for her positive outlook on life and lifts people's spirits with her neverending goodness and pearls of wisdom, has seemed to have taken a dark turn.

While discussing her upcoming show Oprah's Lifeclass on OWN, she described her inspiration for the show:

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What Caused Chezza To Get The Boot From The X Factor?


Although we doubt that we'll ever hear the full, true story as to why Cheryl Cole was axed only weeks into her position as judge on the US version of The X Factor, there are a variety of reports circulating as to what exactly went down behind the scenes, and dear lord, does it sound messy!

One alleged source close to the production of the series claims that the former Girls Aloud singer stepped on the toes of the network bosses because she refused to adapt to US culture AND promote herself better in the States!

The insider explains:

"Instead of attending the Grammy Awards and the Coachella music festival, putting herself out there in America, she sat in her hotel room eating ­digestive biscuits. She just seemed very down. There was too much negativity around her. It's as if she still regrets getting divorced from Ashley Cole, when clearly she was still in love with him. She just didn't help herself. She was ­offered elocution ­lessons and said, 'No.' She was offered a stylist and said, 'No.' And then she came out on the first day ­wearing that hideous outfit. And the reaction from Fox was like, 'What the fuck is she ­wearing?' Cheryl seemed uncomfortable as if she didn't like judging the acts. And at the end of the day that isn't what the TV execs wanted."

Meanwhile, other sources are pointing the finger of blame at Simon Cowell, who seemed to not realize that combining both Chezza and Paula Abdul, who both enjoyed playful banter with him on their previous shows, would be 'disastrous!'

They reveal:

"He never thought through how Cheryl and Paula could work together when their whole performance is based on a giggly, playful relationship with him. Only one can sit next to him and do that. Having the two of them was never going to work, and the fact Simon even entertained the idea shows a lack of judgement that has been noted by everyone in the industry."

Ouch! What an effing mess!

And certainly an embarrassment on everyone's parts, as the judging selection should have NEVER taken this long, let alone a switch-up this late in the game!

Here's hoping that whatever goes down, it can be resolved and quickly!

We don't want this to be an indication of what the show is going to look like when it finally premieres!

Fingers crossed!

[Image via WENN.]

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