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Zac Efron & Seth Rogen Making Bound 4?!

zac efron seth rogen making bound four joe instagram


Zac Efron shared a stupidly tantalizing pic on Tuesday, of himself and Seth Rogen SHIRTLESS!

Sorry Seth, but we’re having a hard time looking away from Zefron’s abz! Frankly, we’re not even sure how Seth is able to look anywhere else but directly at them!

The phrase “BOUND 4” was written across the pic, which was clearly a reference to the parody Seth did with James Franco.

Unfortunately, there won’t actually be a reprise. It was just a still from their new flick Neighbors!

The good news is that once the movie is out on DVD, we can pause it in this exact spot and stare at that washboard stomach forevs!

[Image via Instagram.]

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Celine Dion Welcomes Britney Spears To Sin City - Sends Brit Brit Well Wishes!

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celine dion 2

Celine Dion has been a veteran in Las Vegas for ELEVEN years and this December, another pop princess in her own right will be joining the Goddess on the strip!

Britney Spears is set to start her Vegas residency in December and the Loved Me Back To Life singer has nothing but well wishes for her new neighbor!

Celine said:

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Zac Efron Goes Shirtless Again In New Neighbors Trailer!

Oh, Zefron, won't you be our neighbor?!

In the war between Zac Efron and Seth Rogen's characters in Neighbors, Zac's frat Delta Psi not only has the upper hand, it also has Zac's seksi upper body strength too, which is wonderfully displayed in this new preview!

Speaking of which, the thought of Zac being a paddle-wielding frat bro makes us want to Cum Laude all over the place!

Ch-ch-check out this nu…uh, new trailer (above) and pledge yourself to seeing this HIGHlarious movie when it comes out!

P.S. CLICK HERE to check out the NSFW red band trailer!

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Taylor Swift Gets A Corny Welcome From Rhode Island Neighbor After Bumpy Start!

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taylor swift corn maze name mowed in

Taylor Swift's neighbors in Rhode Island might not have been bringing chocolate chip cookies and fresh lemonade to her door when she first moved in, but it looks like things have smoothed over.

After allegedly pissing off locals by not allowing them access to clean up the beach in her area, she must have sent them all some of her baked goods because one neighbor is welcoming her with open arms…

…or maybe we should say an open cornfield!

Richard Manfredi has mowed the words "Welcome Taylor" accompanied by a guitar into his corn maze.

He says that he was able to complete the warm welcome with the help of three others all because they just wanted to be good neighbors to Swifty.

And we're sure Swifty is being just as good a neighbor to her new BFFs!

[Image via Facebook/Ryan/WENN.]

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Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift

Zac Efron The 'Control Freak' Kept Cocaine Addiction Hidden, But Now He's Living His 'Worst Nightmare'!

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zac efron cocaine addiction source says control freak worst nightmare keeping it together

The more we learn about Zefron's horrible addiction, the more we just want to nuzzle our face into his perfectly chiseled chest and weep!!!

The superstar actor/sultry seXXX symbol apparently went to great lengths to hide his drug abuse and subsequent rehab; the public finding out about his addiction troubles has turned into his "worst nightmare"!

Folks close to the situation say Zac Efron kept his substance abuse secret for so long because the Neighbors' star's controlling nature allowed him to somehow always keep his cool!

One source revealed:

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Zac Efron 02Zac Efron 01Zac Efron 05Zac Efron 04Zac Efron 03

Zac Efron's REAL Reason For Entering Rehab Was His Debilitating Cocaine Addiction! Get Deets HERE!

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zac efron rehab cocaine related molly seth rogen movie las vegas hotel room

Oh noes!! This is so genuinely tragic!!!

Zac Efron is quite literally one of our favorite people ever and it destroys our heart to learn the real reason he entered rehab several months ago was to battle a serious addiction to cocaine!!!!

Sources previously said he sought treatment for alcohol addiction, but now it looks like he abused much harder and scarier drugs!

Multiple sources confirm that the glorious actor abused both cocaine and Molly; earlier this year the drugs even caused him to no-show several times on set of Seth Rogen's film, Neighbors.

One source even revealed:

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Zac Efron 01Zac Efron 02Zac Efron 03Zac Efron 04Zac Efron 05

Chris Brown Needs A Sound Check As He Gets Another Noise Complaint By Neighbors In Hawaii!

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chris brown today show

Looks like Chris Brown is making everyone living near him be like, "please don't be my neighbor!" HA! (We don't even think Mr. Rogers would want to live next to this guy!)

We had reported earlier how Breezy was getting noise complaints, not from fans at his concert, but from nearby residents for talking loudly at 3am! But instead of saying "Beat It!" to the cops that showed up, he was apparently pretty cooperative!

But get this: even people in Hawaii have complained about his volume levels! Well, it was not like Chris was loud enough to carry his voice across the Pacific!

Before getting loud in El Lay, Breezy allegedly threw a monster party at a mansion he rented in Hawaii, that caused his neighbors to call the owner of the house.

Aloha Oy Kavult!

Apparently, the landlord

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