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Mitt Romney Wins New Hampshire

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mitt romney new hampshire

Despite his competition's digs at him against his Bain record, Mitt Romney actually won New Hampshire.

And no, no McCain this time to endorse President Obama instead, ha!

While Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry both tried hard to tear him down, with Perry even comparing what he did to Bain as a vulture leaving a skeleton behind, Mitt pulled through.

He says:

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Starbucks Loses Lawsuit Against 'Charbucks' Coffee Roast

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Starbucks charbucks lawsuit

Underdog stories are the best and that's why we're so happy to hear that Black Bear Micro Roastery, a coffee shop in Center Tuftonboro, New Hampshire, was able to beat a lawsuit dating back to 1997 from massive corporate coffee chain, Starbucks.

Starbucks has been suing them for years over Black Bear's "Charbucks" roast, which uses the slogan, "You wanted it dark…you've got it dark!"

Charbucks is

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Gay Veteran Puts Mitt Romney In His Place!

gay veteran puts mitt romney in his place

Right on!

During GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's stop in New Hampshire today, gay veteran Bob Garon totally put Mitt in his place!

While at his NH campaign stop, Mitt sat down at a table next to Garon and shouted "Vietnam veteran!"

At that point, Garon questioned Romney about New Hampshire's gay marriage law, and he asked the presidential candidate if he supported a repeal of the law, which "allows same-sex couples to get married."

Here's what Romney had to say in response:

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Oops!…He Did It Again! Rick Perry Gets Voting Age AND Election Date Wrong!

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Well, at least this wasn't AS cringe-inducing as Rick's previous flub! We suppose that's a positive sign! LOLz!

Check out the video (above) of Texas Governor/Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry messing up both the voting age AND election date during a speech in New Hampshire earlier today.

Yikes! All of the eighteen year olds working on Perry's campaign probably needed a drink after that one!

Wait…it's legal to have a drink at eighteen, right????


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Michele Bachmann's ENTIRE New Hampshire Team Quits!

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michele bachmann new hampshire team quits

Go New Hampshire!

We are VERY pleased to announce that all six staffers on Michele Bachmann's New Hampshire team quit on Thursday!

Here's what former Republican state legislator Fran Wendelboe had to say about it:

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12-Year-Old Boy Inspires Boston Red Sox To Make 'It Gets Better' Video

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So inspiring!

This just goes to show that EVERYONE and ANYONE can make a difference in the world.

Earlier this month, 12-year-old Sam Maden from Nashua, New Hampshire started an online petition to ask his favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, to make an anti-bullying video on behalf of the LGBT community.

After collecting 9,000 signatures and sending it to the team, he's getting his request!

The MLB team is joining the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs by becoming the third team to produce a video on behalf of the "It Gets Better" campaign.

The team praised Sam's efforts to reach out and stand up against bullying, saying:

"We are proud of dedicated Red Sox fans like 12-year-old Sam Maden who have taken the courageous step of publicly standing up against bullying of LGBT youth."

Sam says he was inspired to start the project after his gay uncle, who was a die-hard Red Sox fan, passed away unexpectedly earlier this year.

Check out the video above to meet the boy responsible for encouraging the Boston Red Sox to make a difference, while he is interviewed alongside openly gay Texas Councilman Joel Burns, who made headlines after delivering a heartfelt speech assuring LGBT teens it gets better.

We're truly impressed by this boys actions, which prove change IS coming.

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Openly Gay Bishop Announces Plans To Retire Due To Public Backlash!

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This is just so unfortunate.

Bishop V. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, announced to the Disocese of New Hampshire that he will be stepping down from his position in 2013, due to the public's backlash against him for his sexual preference!

During his announcement in a speech to his congregation on Saturday, he explained:

"The fact is, the last seven years have taken their toll on me, my family and you. Death threats, and the now-worldwide controversy surrounding your election of me as bishop have been a constant strain, not just on me, but on my beloved husband, Mark. New Hampshire is always the place I remain, simply, 'the bishop.' This is the one place on earth where I am not 'the gay bishop.' I believe that you elected me because you believed me to be the right person to lead you at this time. The world has sometimes questioned that, but I hope you never did."

Such an unbelievable shame, but we can understand why that kind of constant hatred and bigotry would be too much for someone - even if he is a bishop!

We're proud of him for being brave enough in the first place to accept the position, and paving the way for other Episcopalians and Anglicans to take on positions of power in the church, despite sexual preference!


[Image via AP Images.]

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