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Cat Fight! Gary Coleman's Ladies Have At It In Court!

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Messy! Messy! Messy!

Gary Coleman's estate is becoming a hot commodity to the two former lovers of the actor. In a recent will unearthed from 2005, Anna Gray, a former girlfriend of Gary's, was named the sole beneficiary and executor of his estate. As you can imagine, this has royally pissed off Shannon Price, Gary's ex-wife, who has already made big plans for his estate, selling off bits of information about her departed ex-husband's life for as much profit as possible.

This morning, Anna took action against Shannon and sought an immediate restraining order. This order will keep Shannon away from Gary's home, which Anna claims Shannon is "invading" to dispose of his "property." Her lawyer went on to say, on Anna's behalf:

“I would not have cared one bit if she went into his house and took her personal things, but I understand… nothing is left in the home beyond Gary’s bed and his clothing. She has taken all his personal papers, evidence and other belongings. That is completely disrespectful and a further indication of what her objectives are.”

Sounds like someone has another tabloid photo spread she wants to get paid for!


Along with the restraining order, Anna's lawyer will put in a request that Gary's remains be cremated.

At least now, in some way, there is some progress to put the poor man to rest.

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Gary Coleman's Ex-Manager Doesn't Want A Piece Of His Estate

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An attorney representing Dion Mial announced this morning that his client would no longer be seeking control of Gary Coleman's estate.

Dion was a close friend and manager to Gary and in one of the drafted wills left behind by Gary, Dion was appointed the sole administrator of his estate.

However, a new will has just surfaced, and Dion is no longer looking to be involved in the process. He is relinquishing any claim he has on the estate and is leaving it to Gary's scorned ladies to fight it out.

On Friday, Shannon Price found herself in competition for the administrator position when one of Gary's former girlfriends, Anna Gray, came forward and claimed she was named in the most recent will.

Think you got out of the fire just in time, Dion. Nothing worse than being caught in between two money-grubbing, desperate fame-whores when there is money involved.

BTW, does anyone know exactly how much money is at stake here? Is it really worth all this trouble???

[Image via WENN.]

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Gary Coleman's Ex-Manager Goes On The Attack!

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Things are getting U-G-L-Y!

This morning, it was reported that a new will was unearthed that superseded the original 1999 will found earlier last week. In that will, Gary Coleman’s ex manager Dion Mial was named the executor of his former client's estate. We're guessing in this new will, he isn't, because he is lashing out through the media, claiming that this new will is "null and void" and that Gary's ex-wife is a “desperate" fool!

In a new statement that Dion released this morning, he ruthlessly slams Shannon Price pretty hard. He says:

“In light of Shannon Price’s ongoing desperate attempts to profit from the mysterious death of her “beloved husband,” by way of the sale and/or distribution of pre or post mortem “death photos,” moment-to-moment television interviews for pay, video tours of her former home, Gary Coleman’s personal effects, photographs, or any items that have been removed from the home, without the written consent of a special administrator for or the executor of the Coleman estate, I emphatically request that all solicitations from Shannon, or from any individual holding themselves out as her representative, be categorically denied and refused.

Knowing Gary, as well as anyone could have, I assure his closest family, friends and fans that his disdain for this behavior would be unquestionable and paramount to any foregoing profession of “love” for Shannon that might have ever poured from his lips.”

He also addresses this supposed new will that he claims is "invalid", saying:

"If there is an updated will then the person who is aware of it should probably come forward. I am aware of a will for Gary Coleman that was filed in 2007 but that will was declared null and void. Certain criteria needs to be valid under Utah State statutory Law and that will did not meet it so it is null and void. Three different attorney’s have told me that the will from 2007 is invalid.”

Interesting. We want to know more about this "certain criteria" part! Since you seem as eager to be in the media spotlight as Gary's gold-digging ex-wife, how about you tell us more, Dion?!

[Image via WENN.]

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