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Melissa McCarthy Responds To Hater Who Called Her A 'Female Hippo'!

melissa mccarthy female hippo new york observer weight health acting career sad

Honestly, the one thing we never understood about the "female hippo" insult launched at Melissa McCarthy's weight by Rex Reed of the New York Observer, is the need for the "female" part of it. It's not as if we don't know that Melissa's a woman, and it's not as if anyone would say that a female hippo is that much different than a male hippo… it just doesn't make sense ALONG WITH SAYING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

If you didn't know, Melissa McCarthy is hilarious. She's one of the funniest actresses we have out there, and yet people can't seem to get past the fact that she's not as skinny as other ladies in her field! It has nothing to do with how funny she is, and yet it's brought up constantly!

Well, now Melissa is responding the fact that Rex's article was even printed:

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James Franco: At War With The New York Observer

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James fanco fight

Fight! Fight! Fight! People! Violence is not the answer! Stop this madness.

James Franco has started one of the most lame and HIGHlarious feuds in the history of the world!

The actor is like, super pissed at the New York Observer, which he describes as "a newspaper owned by Donald Trump's son-in-law that is perhaps best known for publishing a sex column in the mid-1990s." BURN!

The fight started

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Here's The Brilliant Occupy Wall Street Interview Fox News Didn't Show Us!

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Fox News wasn't expecting to interview such an articulate and intelligent protestor were they?

Though the reporter tells this interviewee that Fox News is allowing him his chance to send a message with "fair coverage," the network never aired this brilliant piece of citizenship.

We're shocked.

Watch this footage The New York Observer found and see a real "Joe" speak for 'everyday people!'

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