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More Rupert Murdoch Drama! Employees From The Sun Have Been Arrested!

sun employees have been arrested

Wowsa! Rupert Murdoch's name is truly becoming synonymous with scandal!

Last year, we heard ALL ABOUT a large scale phone-hacking scandal, which resulted in a bunch of arrests of former employees of Murdoch's News of the World publication!

Earlier this week, Murdoch and his British newspaper company sent out 35 settlement checks, including a check for $200K to Jude Law, who had been kept under tight surveillance for quite some time.

Now, we've learned that

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Rupert Murdoch's Pie Slinger Charged

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Jonnie Marbles Tweet

The comedian who threw a pie in Rupert Mudoch's face, Jonathan May-Bowles (aka Jonni Marbles), has been charged with behavior causing harassment, alarm or distress in a public place under Section 5 of the Public Order Act.

He is due in court on Friday.

Before Jonni pulled his stunt, he foreshadowed via Twitter (as pictured above).

Do U think Mr. Marbles will pull another show in court?

[Image via AP Images.]

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Rupert Murdoch: It's Not My Fault

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Rupert Murdoch Blame Game

During the hearing on Tuesday, Rupert Murdoch told British lawmakers he isn't the one to point fingers at.

Murdoch insisted he was "shocked, appalled and ashamed" at the discovery of phone-hacking within News Corp.

Instead of everyone blaming him, he

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Piers Morgan Accused Of Phone Hacking Too

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Piers Morgan Accusation

Even though Piers Morgan is now a host of his own CNN show, his past employment has come back to haunt him.

During a committee hearing today regarding all the News Corp drama, a Conservative member of Parliament made allegations toward Morgan including him in the scandalous phone-hacking business.

Morgan chimed in via Twitter as soon as he heard:

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Rupert Murdoch Attacked! Wife Slaps Attacker!

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The scandal surrounding Rubert Murdoch and the slimy practices of his News Corp reporters has apparently driven one man to physical violence!

During the hearing today, a protestor went up to Murdoch to swing a pie made of shaving cream in his face!

The entire room was flabbergasted, but nobody was more pissed than Murdoch's wife.

Wendi Deng rose to her hubby's defense and

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