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Brad Pitt's Bro Defends His Mom's Anti-Gay Opinions On Today

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Brad Pitt's mommy dearest made headlines last week after making her not-so-accepting views of the LGBT community known. In case you missed it, she wrote a letter to her local newspaper which encouraged readers to vote for Mitt Romney because of his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Obvi, we weren't thrilled and since Brad is a major supporter of equality, we bet he wasn't either. However, the woman is a faithful conservative Christian and we all know how hard it can be to shake some sense into that crowd.

We have our beliefs, they have theirs, but we wish we could all compromise when it comes to treating every human being with fairness.

Either way, Brad describes his mother, Jane, as a "very, very loving — very open, genuine" woman who "wants everyone to be happy." His brother, Doug, seems to agree and defended her right to express her views in the manner she did.

While sitting down with Matt Lauer on The Today Show

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NEWSIES Boys Give News On Backstage Rituals!

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Ah we love taking a sneaky look at the often grueling atmosphere backstage at a Broadway play…

And it sure can take a lot of grit to maintain a dazzling, Tony winning production like NEWSIES!

Let those eager, Newspaper slingers show you the not-so-glamorous backstage rituals they undertake EVERY night before a performance (above)!

Who knew one could stretch in such interesting spaces!


AND we are THRILLED that Jeremy Jordan AKA Jack Kelly will surely smash the sh*t out of SMASH next season!

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Veteran Journalist Helen Thomas Denied Table At White House Correspondents Dinner

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After nearly 50 years of service, Helen Thomas won't be getting her own table at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Thomas, a former WHCA president, retired from her post as a syndicated columnist for Hearst newspapers after making some controversial comments on Israel.

And it looks like the White House Correspondents Association still got beef.

The WHCA told her that

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Katherine Jackson Settles Lawsuit With South Korean Newspaper For $6 Million!

katherine jackson settles with s korean newspaper

Well, it's better than $13 mil!

Waaaay back in June 2010, we learned that South Korean newspaper Segye Times filed a $13 million lawsuit against Katherine Jackson over a series of family concerts that never happened.

Now, the lawsuit has finally been settled, and MJ's estate has loaned Katherine $6 mil to pay the newspaper.

Unfortunately for Katherine,

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The Dark Knight Hearts Pittsburgh


Warner Bros. and the cast and crew of The Dark Knight Rises have a very special message for Pittsburgh:

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Hilton Guest Suing Hotel Over 75 Cents For A Newspaper

Hilton Hidden Fee

First off, we can see where this guy is coming from. Any kind of hidden charges or intended shady tactics are NOT cool when it comes to the cost of things. Especially when probably almost everyone assumes the newspaper left in front of hotel room doors is free.

But, this level of outrage over 75 cents seems a little much. BUT the better reason, of course, which has been added to the litigation, is that it isn't good for the environment to use so many papers that people are probably not reading anymore:

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The Post Office Wants To Know: Does It Droop?

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Your newspaper, that is.

The Post Office is abiding by a new rule as of this week, stating that if a flat piece of mail longer than 10 inches "droops" too much, it will cost the sender more to send in bulk. This law mostly pertains to magazine and newspaper companies that have taken to sending their materials through the Post Office rather than having their own delivery team.

The rule was put into to place since such "droopy" mail can't be sorted through the automated flat sorter, and thus, someone must do it by hand. Hands cost more than machines, as you might know, and we wouldn't want the Post Office having to pay another set of hands now would we?

Due to the changes, every newspaper being sent through the postal service is undergoing a "droop test" (LOLS) to determine if they fit in the machine. If they do, great. If not, FAIL, which means paying more money for shipping.

Not such good news for your local paps! Maybe they'll have to bring back Newsies to deliver'em!

P.S. - OMG! Yes, do that!

[Image via WENN.]

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