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Nic Cage Might Be Facing Child Protection Investigation

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Nic Cage Child Protection

Last weekend, Nicolas Cage was arrested during a domestic dispute because he was drunk, and lost, and belligerent, and did we say drunk?

Anyway, that night while he was about to get arrested by the fuzz, he fell while holding his 5 year old son. This resulted in the officers taking notice of the skinned knee, and that Cage was trying to take care of a child while intoxicate. Not only that, but, a witness approached the officers a little bit later and said they saw Cage pull the kid, Kal-El, to the ground:

“As Mr. Cage was being transported, Sergeant Smith was approached by Officer Wild who was still on scene, he informed Sergeant Smith that an unknown white male passer-by, who was walking a dog, stated that he observed Mr. Cage pull the male child to the ground by his hand,” the incident report reads.

“Based upon this information, and Mrs. Cage’s earlier statement, a child abuse detective was notified.”

And rightly so! Even though they didn't find anything that would merit further investigation from that night, we still think it's the right call, and there is also a very real chance that a representative of Child Protective Service may be contacted and a full investigation launched.

Clean up your act, Nic! For your kids! For your career! We don't like seeing you like this. We like seeing you make movies like a boss!

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Nic Cage Returns To Work Without Incident

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Nic Cage Not Affected By Arrest

Apparently, Nic Cage returned to work after his run in with the cops due to a domestic violence arrest. He returned to work, ready, on time, and without mention of the goings on from the weekend.

Like nothing happened:

A rep for the film, "Medallion" tells us production on the flick has NOT been affected in any way because of Cage's sloppy domestic violence arrest early Saturday morning … and today, things seemed completely normal.

Not sure what else he could really do, though, he had a job to do, and having people bring it up at work seems like the right path to pushing into him into more trouble, which would probably manifest as production delays and on-set turmoil.

Dude needs to control himself, though, because ANY kind of domestic violence is not cool.

Do U think that the production should have made a fuss about it??

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Be Still, Hearts: Nic Cage And John Travolta May Reunite For TWO Films

Nic Cage And Johnny T Together Again


Who didn't love Face/Off??

Even everybody who didn't see is still cool with the concept of a Nic Cage and John Travolta movie!

And the good news is that the two actors are circling the same two films, Shrapnel and Sea Trial.

Shrapnel follows a former Bosnian soldier who seeks vengeance on an American who wounded him, and Sea Trial is adapted from the novel with the same title.

Sounds great to us! It's about time!

So are U guys as excited as we are about this??

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Does Nic Cage Wear A Wig?

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Um, what? Who came up with this rumor?! Anyone whose seen his head knows this can't be true!

Nicolas Cage was recently asked in an interview on his thoughts about the ongoing debate over his hair. We weren't aware of this, but apparently there are those who argue that Nic could be wearing a weave wig toupee when he goes out.

However, to put the speculation to rest, Nic confirmed that the only time fake hair meets his head is when he is in character. He told the source:

“I really don’t get it. I’m not the only actor who has worn wigs in movies but for some reason they enjoy talking about it more with me. I don’t wear a wig in real life but I do enjoy playing dress up with different characters. Sometimes they think I’m wearing a wig when I’m not and sometimes they think I’m not wearing a wig when I am. At least I can laugh about it.”

At least there's that.

Anyway, no one is talking about his hair these days, not with his frantic, manic rant circulating the web!

Who cares about his follicles when his foul mouth is aflutter?!

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Separated At Birth


Left: Nicolas Cage promoting his shiteous new flick The Sorcerer's Apprentice Right: Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman

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