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Sarah Michelle Gellar Adresses Alyson Hannigan's Disturbing Buffy Diss! Get Deets HERE!

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We were SHOCKED when Alyson Hannigan threw SMG under one of Sunnydale High's school buses!

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer co-stars' frenzied feud was the most heartbreaking thing to happen at the Hellmouth since poor Nicholas Brendon lost his eye!!

Thankfully, Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed during a press event for her Pertussis campaign that she wasn't mad at her buddy at all!

In fact, she agrees with Willow's astute assessment! Toward the end of the show's run, Buffy wasn't as brilliantly bubbly as she would have liked!

And there was a reason…

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Original Buffy Star Says Movie Reboot Is A "Mistake"

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That's pretty blunt!

Warner Bros. is turning the beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series into a movie and the show's star, Nicholas Brendon, does not have a high opinion of it.

He said:

"I hope their vampires don't glitter. You know, listen…I think it's a mistake, I think that it's trying to kind of—they have to reach a whole completely new fanbase. And we already have that fanbase. So it's going to really be hard to kind of do that. But you know, everyone: They remade The Flintstones. Twice, I think."

Ouch. Do U wanna see the Buffy movie?!

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Buffy Star Avoids Jail Time

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Nicholas Brendon is pretty damn lucky, all things considered.

On Friday, the actor formerly of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame pled no contest to four misdemeanors - one count resisting arrest, two counts of battery against a police officer and one count of vandalism.

You'll recall that in March, Xander laid into some cops after getting shit-faced at a bar in Venice.

After reviewing his case, a judge decided the best punishment would be 36 months probation and a one year suspended sentence in county jail. That means he won't serve any time as long as he is a good boy!

Nicholas also has to complete 10 days in a Caltrans work program and an anger management course. Furthermore, he's also not allowed to drink in public while he's on probation.

Well, at least he doesn't have to sport a cute little bulky bracelet on his left ankle! We think he got off lucky!

Try to remember to keep your fists in your pockets the next time you get drunk - especially for the next three years!

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Buffy Star Checks In To Rehab

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Not a bad idea after that incident back in March when he fought with the police!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon has checked in to the SOBA Recovery Center in Malibu to get treatment for his alcoholism.

If you forgot the incident that took place back in March involved Nicholas looking for his dog and he knocked on a neighbor's door. When she told him to go away he kicked the door prompting her to call 911.

He says he doesn't remember the altercation with the police, but he DOES remember being tased.

"Being tased is like being punched in the side by Rocky Balboa, the pain is so bad it runs up your spine," he said.

Nicholas was charged with felony vandalism and released on a $20,000 bail at which point he decided to go to rehab to deal with is problems. He explains:

“I’m feeling lucky because alcoholism effected my money management decisions and they are helping me…I was in treatment in 2005 and unfortunately I had a relapse. In the back of my mind, I always knew I had a problem but it became clear to me when I got arrested."

We wish him luck on his recovery!

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Buffy's BFF Gets Drunk & Tries To Slay A Cop!

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This is just sad!

Nicholas Brendon is best known for his years as Xander on the hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This morning, however, he was known as the fool who allegedly took a swing at a couple of cops before hopelessly trying to flee the scene… while being wasted, of course!

Police responded to call about a drunk man causing some trouble in Venice, CA early this morning and arrived to find Nicholas showing off his boozey swagger. When they approached him, Nicholas came up with the BRILLIANT plan to fight the cops and run away.

That's exactly what Buffy would have done!

Well, he took a swing…and a miss at the police and then desperately ran to avoid arrest. Little did he know that the cop was carrying a taser and dropped his ass faster than you can say, "Jaafar Jackson."

After a brief stint in the hospital, he was booked on felony vandalism charges for allegedly damaging some property during the scuffle.

But nothing about trying to deck out a cop??? We think that's a bit worse!

Oh well! Hope you have some slaying royalties lying around for bail!

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