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Kings Of Leon Turned Down Glee!

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Oh, whatever, boys!

You guys sold out segued shamelessly into mainstream with Only By The Night, don't act like you're so 'above' popular culture now!

Kings Of Leon's frontman Caleb Folowill revealed that he and the band rejected opportunities for their music to be performed on Glee, as well as Ugly Betty (R.I.P.) and various movie trailers!

He says:

"We had some people call us up wanting to know if we'd allow Use Somebody to appear in the trailer for their next movie, and we turned them down. Next day, they called back and tried to put us through to the star of the movie — I won't name names, but he's an incredibly famous actor — to let him try and convince us to agree to do it. I was like, 'Man, don't even waste your energy'."

Oh, wow! You guys are sooooo cool!


We sincerely hope they aren't going to take the MGMT and M.I.A. route and shit all over all of their fans, because they'd rather be nonconformist and 'above' mainstream instead of focusing on making decent music!

So lame!


[Image via WENN.]

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M.I.A. BLOWS Performance At Hard Fest NY, Spits On Photographer!

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Well, we think it's safe to say that she's completely jumped the shark.

M.I.A., who was the top-billed performer over the weekend at the HARD FEST on Governor's Island in NYC, reportedly blew her much-anticipated set so badly that even her most adamant supporters bailed five tracks in!

Although there were apparently a myriad of technical problems, according to an anonymous concert goer:

"mia [sucked] so bad, she must must have done [it] on purpose. she's got some tricks and some ideas, but [I] think she just got so cagey when die anterwoord blew her out of the water that she pulled this weird ass rockstar theatrics and sabotaged herself and the sound system, along with throwing a big fuck you to the crowd that actually came to see her. [I] mean at some point before she went on, they cut the Dj off and there was this whole sound from the backstage VIP area, and the crowd got [to] listen to it for a few minutes in silence, and it was like "that's were the party is at, suckers". I don't know if she drinks or not, but the bit about having a shot of [tequila] in her seemed by far the realest part of the night. The best was the rain over the lazers, but she didn't even know how to make that to work for her, so it seemed like Nature taking pity on her."


And, as you can see by photos (above) she even took it upon herself to hock a loogie onto a photographer in the audience!

Lovely! We think ostracizing your fans and supporters by putting out an effortless, piece of garbage album and harassing your audience is a great way to advance your career, bb!

That is, if you even have one after this.

We're not sure she can even turn this whole mess around anymore.

What do U think?? How can M.I.A. get back on track??

[Image via Alexander Stein.]

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M.I.A. Takes A Dig At FailTina!


Finally! We can agree with her on something!

The still bat-shit crazy and all-so-nonconformist M.I.A. was surpisingly lucid when she recently discussed collaborating with CloneTina Aguilera on her new album, Bionic, and was equally as disappointed as us when the diva chose to mimic the Sri Lankan rapper's style instead of be herself!

She says:

Elastic Love was the first track I recorded actually - even before I started working on my own album. It’s the one I made in-between taking time out and having a baby and starting mine. Born Free was the first song I wrote for my album and that’s so weird now. I look back at the time and I wrote such a nice cute song for Christina - then the next song I wrote was Born Free. Other people were involved who I respect like Peaches and it was like a sea of women coming together to write this new thing. Christina had also had a baby, you know, so it was kind of an interesting situation.

I really thought I was going to be able to go in there and get her vocals on to the next level and she didn’t want to do it. She was like ‘You might think that’s great because it’s not what you do, but to me I’m really bored of it. It’s interesting getting to work with people who can do things vocally that you can't… but yeah I only heard the song for the first time when everyone else did.”

Ouch - it sounds like the final product really UNDERWHELMED her!

We think that her sentiments are SHOCKINGLY on the same page as pretty much everyone - how unusual from her! Usually she'd be going against the norm just to be controversial!


[Image via AP Images.]

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Little J Looking Radiant, As Per Usual!


Isn't she lovely?

Despite her band The Pretty Reckless' new EP being favorably received, 16 year old perpetual sour puss Taylor Momsen was spotted out and about in NYC yesterday showing the world just what a bright little ray of sunshine she is!

We especially love that she's carrying around a pack of ciggies! You must be so edgy and noncomformist if you're blatantly smoking underage!

This one's too cool for school, folks!

We can't wait until she's in her 20s and wants to to die of embarrassment for allowing the public to see all of her stoopid, tortured teenage antics!

Ugh, Little J, cut the shiz! We really want to like you - stop making it so effing difficult!


[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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M.I.A. Continues Her War Against The New York Times And Lady GaGa!


Here she goes again!

M.I.A. apparently hasn't spouted off enough crazy lately, so she's not only once again going after the recent article done on her in The New York Times Magazine, but is also STILL slamming Lady GaGa!

She says:

"You know for me it was about the fact that I said, 'Fuck The New York Times', quite a few times and it was written about and then in the article it was ignored, when that was what was interesting. So why would they put me on the cover of The New York Times? That question was really interesting to me, she (journalist) didn't really explore it, she just took a cheap shot. For the first time you have the tools to fight back. Imagine if Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan and all these people were able to fight back using the internet, because you can. The New York Times was going to try and discredit my words and my experiences. I think you know what? I might have been a bit impulsive, but I think what we have found [is] a new way to deal with news."

"Lady Gaga is someone who lives completely within [the industry]. That’s what you can get if you say ‘yes.’ I would have those outfits on and my hair would look like that and those are the songs I would sing. Everybody else on my label’s budget would get cut in order for my Grammy performance with Elton John to be banging.”

Okay, bb, we think it's time to let it go!

We all get it, you're soooo nonconformist, fuck the system, blah blah blah!

You're starting to sound like your latest album - a lot of obnoxious, abrasive noise that makes no cohesive sense all together!

[Image via WENN.]

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