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Snake On A Windshield!

Filed under: YouTubeScary!Slithering Snakes


This snake SLITHERED OUT OF THE MOTOR and ONTO THE WINDSHIELD while this family was driving down the highway!

This cool as hell Memphis family didn't lose control of the car, but just laughed as the serpent tried to find a way to get into the cab. Creepy. Ew. Creepy. Creepy.

The youtube caption says:

"We were driving 65 mph down a highway when my husband caught something out of the corner of this eye…a snakehead coming out from under our hood onto our windshield! Watch what happens after that…."

We. Would. Have. Died.

But we have to ask, why not just pull over and let the snake slither off?

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Man Stuck In Snake Infested Man Hole For 2 Days

Filed under: Scary!Slithering Snakes

That sucks bites!

This poor 25-year-old man had been missing for two days - since storming out of his house after a drunken fight with his gf.

Kevin was found in a 3-foot deep open man hole!! When he was taken out he was awake and covered in snake bites. So scary!

He is currently in stable condition at a Houston hospital.

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Dancing Zombie Squid

Filed under: YouTubeSea CreaturesDisgusting!


A seafood bowl in Hokkaido, Japan contains salmon roe, seaweed, some other things, AND A DANCING SQUID!

The creature isn't hoping his perforce is so moving you'll show him mercy. This dancer is dead!

When you pour soy sauce on the dead squid, the muscles contract in response to signals from neurons, which transmit signals around the body by means of a series of sequential influxes of sodium across the cell membrane into the neuron.

Doesn't that sound delish?

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It's A Real Life Sea Monster!

Filed under: Science!Scary!Sea Creatures

scary and real

Holy shiz! That's a scurry worm!

No, this isn't something Tim Burton sketched for the reboot of Beatle Juice.

This is not photoshop, no clever graphics, no movie scene… it's a hydrothermal worm.

It's a real photo taken of a real creature.

It's just really, really small. So small in fact, that this image comes from an electron microscope.

The worm, as scary as it looks, is something most people will never actually get to see (or have to worry about, for that matter). Hydrothermal worms are deep sea creatures, almost as small as bacterium, and are largely found near hydrothermal vents in the ocean.

Good Fugg'n thing!

BTW - If that thing grows legs we're all dead.

[image via FET.com: Philippe Crassous]

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Pit Bull Eats Owners Face

Filed under: Sad SadDogPit Bull

Pit Bull Eats Dead Guy's Face


Authorities are struggling to determine with certainty what killed Matthew Lebold, an overdose on drugs or a dog eating him.

A source said that the dog

"had eaten through parts of the man’s face, neck and chest after he was dead."

The autopsy performed on Lebold Wednesday was inconclusive, but the Cook County Medical Examiner's office is still waiting on results from a toxicology test, which will likely confirm that his death was drug-related.

[Image via WENN.]

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Smelly Arm Pit Knocks Dog Out Cold

Filed under: DogDisgusting!Funny


This dog takes one whiff of his owner's armpit and passes the ef out!

The dog's nasty ass owner is totally clueless as to what happened to his little pooch.

It appears as if this dude is hosting a web show. We assume it's on the importance of never leaving your basement or taking showers, or how to pick up ladies!

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Why McDonald’s Needs To Fire Their Marketing Department

Filed under: Silly!Cow

Why McDonald’s News To Fire Their Marketing Department

Dieters rejoice!

McDonald’s released a new campaign poster in Finland for their milkshakes just in time for summer, but instead of making us crave the Golden Arches, it has actually bought our decade-long craving for a McFlurry to an abrupt end.

It shows the point a view of a cow looking at her nip-naps — and they're not just your run-of-the-mill cow teets either! Two of the udders are sticking to the cow.

We can only assume they are either a) gross and sticky OR b) the cow is a bad drag queen. (You gotta hide all four to be believable, honey.)

The slogan says: “The Real Milkshake. Now with Double Flavor.”

Thanks to this poster, we don't want double of anything anymore.

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