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Amanda Bynes Suffers Surgery Setback! Find Out What Happened HERE!

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amanda bynes nose job setback

We're guessing she's not too happy about this!

After hitting up Twitter like a maniac to talk about her upcoming nose job and her overall love of plastic surgery, Amanda Bynes broke what we can only imagine was horrible news for her.

It seems that much desired nose job is going to have to wait - which might be for the best!

The ugly-slinging, Twitter-storming queen tweeted:

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Amanda Bynes' Nose Job Coming To A Twitter Near You! It's Going To Be Filmed!

amanda bynes nose job video on twitter

Of course!

It probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone to hear Amanda Bynes will be sharing her latest nose job with all.

We already know she's totes excited to start getting pics taken after getting rid of that pesky webbing issue, but she's even excited to share the experience with everyone.

We're still not sure exactly what she's having done with this mysterious webbing diagnosis, but we're about to find out!

Amanda revealed her plastic surgery plans on Twitter. She posted:

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Amanda Bynes Continues To Draw Attention To Her Nose Jobs On Twitter!

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Back again!

We were alerted yesterday that Amanda Bynes had gone under the knife once more to re-do her nose, even though her nose was fine and she'd already had some "webbing" removed from the same area.

Yesterday's tweet informed us that her face was black and blue from the procedure.

Today, Amanda has given us an update on how her broken and bruised schnoz is doing!!

She tweeted:

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Amanda Bynes Is 'In Between Nose Surgeries'!! Going Back Under The Knife!

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amanda bynes

It's seeming more and more like Amanda Bynes's "ugly" comments are coming from a coming from a dark place, one we hope she can find her way out of!

Why? Because the troubled starlet is still obviously not happy with her nose, despite the fact that: 1) it was perfectly fine to begin with, and 2) she's already had plastic surgery to adjust that perfectly fine feature before.

We've learned that Amanda had “webbing” removed from her nose/eyes area, which she claims boosted her confidence and immediately outdated all her older pics. We’re all for self-confidence, but at the same time we don't know that nose jobs are the answer!!

Since then, Amanda has gone under the knife again. According to sources she spent the weekend partying solo in Atlantic City, so we’re guessing the nose work happened after that.

She was candid on Twitter earlier about wanting to have more procedures done, and has said she wants her nose to look like that of Miley Cyrus and/or Sarah Hyland.

As of now, however, she says it’s broken and bruised:

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Amanda Bynes Addicted To Nose Jobs?! She Has Plans To Get More Work Done!

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amanda bynes more nose jobs

Arrrgh! But you're gorgeous just the way you are!

Unfortunately, Amanda Bynes ain't getting it, and is apparently going to put her nose under the knife more times than all the Real Housewives put together.

And that's a whole lotta plastic surgery!

She recently revealed she had work done on her nose and admitted she wanted MORE done. And now, it seems she's gotten it done and STILL wants more!

Amanda apparently quickly had some work done after seeing her mug shot…

…soooo, we guess mug shots aren't just for keeping track of criminals!

She admitted:

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Amanda Bynes Admits To Having Nose Job! Did "The Most Amazing Thing" For Her Confidence!

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amanda bynes nose job

Could this really be the reason she's demanding that the media only use her selfies?!

Apparently so, according to Amanda Bynes!

The troubled actress is reportedly back in contact with her parents, but that still hasn't stopped her from getting up to her old tricks on Twitter…AKA scolding media outlets that use old photos of her for their articles!

Only this time, she's not claiming it's due to her eating disorder…it's because she had a nose job, and doesn't like the world seeing what she calls the "webbing" between her eyes that she has since had removed!

She explains:

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Kim Zolciak Got Botox & A Nose Job???

kim zolciak got plastic surgery and botox(1)

Girlfriend is looking brand new!!

Kim Zolciak attended the 2013 Upfronts event in New York City last week, and while she appeared to-die-for, there's a reason why her look was oh-so-fresh.

According to Dr. Raffi Hovsepian of RHMD Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has had some WERK done, he said:

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