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Beyoncé's Public Well-Wishes For Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Were Just A Formality?! What Does Queen B REALLY Think Of The Reality Star?

beyonce talking smack kim kardashian kanye west jay z wedding 2(1)

In front of the world, Beyoncé may have looked like she supported Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's martial union by sending them well-wishes, but behind closed doors, she's apparently talking smack about Yeezy's wifey!

But, are we all really surprised by this news? Kimmy and Bey did have a super awkward run-in last month where onlookers claimed the two looked like anything but BFFs!

Not to mention

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Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian Are Getting Ready To Take Over The Hamptons But Residents Aren't Too Pleased About It!

kourtney kardashian khloe kardashian hamptons take over dash

The Kardashians haven't even set foot in the Hamptons yet and they're already raising hell!

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are preparing to star in a new KUWTK spinoff where the two sisters will be taking over the Hamptons and relocate their DASH boutique over the summer, but the locals aren't very happy about that!

In fact, they're already despising the possible hassle of cameras, paparazzi, and the hoards of fans that will gather to see their favorite Kardashian sisters!

A source revealed production has been scouting properties for the show and it's already getting the locals all rilled up. They said:

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Hands Off! Iggy Azalea Refuses To Crowd Surf Again Because People Keep Touching Her Vajayjay! Rude!

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iggy azalea no more crowd surfing rude

Good Lord, is nothing sacred anymore?! Some people just ruin the fun for EVERYONE!

Iggy Azalea is pretty much game for anything, but crowd surfing? Not anymore!

The Australian rapper revealed she had to stop diving into the crowd because some disgusting folks would try and intrude her body with their fingers, if you know what we mean.


Iggy revealed to the DJs at Hot 97:

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Chris Brown Is At It Again: Allegedly Outs A Twitter User With A Derogatory Gay Slur & Tries To Quickly Delete The Evidence!

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chris brown insults man on twitter sad calls him f word

There are just no words for this.

It seems as if every time we turn around, Chris Brown is involved in another negative gay incident!

Last time, he allegedly punched a man in the face while using a gay slur. This time, a Perezlicious reader has sent us a picture of the R&B singer calling someone out on Twitter.

When will this guy ever stop? Apparently having Lance Bass reprimand you for the use of the f-word wasn't enough!

Chris has since deleted the unpleasant tweet (big shock), but this screenshot of the post was brought to our attention:

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Katt Williams ARRESTED For Child Endangerment!

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Katt Williams ARRESTED For Child Endangerment!

Katt Williams has been arrested for a lot of messed up shiz this year — but THIS crime is by faaar the worst!

This Friday authorities from LAPD put the delinquent comic behind bars on charges of Child Endangerment.

It seems the L.A. County Dept. of Children were tipped off to investigate Katt's home. During this investigation authorities found "numerous guns and illegal drugs" around the house. WTF??

In light of recent events, one would think ANY and EVERY parent would be sure to keep loaded guns out of the reach of his four small children!

Plus, since Katt has his medical marijuana card we're guessing the "illegal" drugs had stashed around the house was pretty serious stuff.

There is just NO excuse for that kind of negligence!

We're told Katt is still in custody, being held on $100,000 bail.

His poor children have been placed protective custody. Thank GAWD.

If these allegations are true we are VERY disappointed in the comic.

He's a talented guy, but there is nothing funny about putting your children in danger.

[Image via WENN.]

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Liam Hemsworth Involved In Late Night Philadelphia Street Brawl!

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This is beginning to become a bit of a habit with him, and believe us, that is NOT a good thing.

Over the weekend, Liam Hemsworth was once again involved in another bar fight during a night out in Philadelphia, and unlike last time, when his fiance Miley Cyrus was there to break up the disagreement, shiz turned physical…leading the actor and his friend to resort to throwing PUNCHES!

According to witnesses at the scene, Liam was leaving the bar when he believed a drunk patron was throwing rocks at he and his friend, which ultimately led to the altercation!

Even though no one else present saw anything thrown, the Aussie retaliated by punching the guy in the face while his partner-in-crime held him down!

Thankfully, police quickly arrived and broke the fight up, and while no one was arrested nor have charges been filed, it's STILL very disturbing to see this degree of violence taking place!

Especially at the hands of someone from whom we've come to expect more!

Sometimes the best thing you can do is turn the other cheek, boy!

Violent is NOT a good look for you!

Ch-ch-check out a clip of the fight…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Matthew Perry Throws Shade At Friends Fan For Liking Friends!

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Don't you want people to watch your new show, Matthew Perry?

We would hope so, and if you do, maybe you should be a little nicer to your fans — even if they are fans of your previous work!

So the story goes like this… Chandler was waiting for his car at Katana in WEHO. A fan approached, and said this according to a source:

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