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Enrique Iglesias Pulls Out Of Britney's Overpriced Tour!

enrique pulls out of britney tour

Better find a REALLY good replacement! Or lower ticket prices ASAP!

Enrique Iglesias has abruptly pulled out of Brit Brit's North America tour, mere hours after the tour was officially announced!

He was slated to perform as the ultimate opening act for Britney, but now it looks like they'll have to find someone else.

Good for him! Given the absurd prices that they're charging for tickets, perhaps he thought better of it all.

Hopefully they can find someone good to replace Enrique. At $96 - $346, Britney is going to need to REALLY impress her fans to convince them to throw down SO much $$$ to go see her.

…Maybe she can convince NSYNC to reunite solely to join her on tour! If she can pull that off, then MAYBE we'd say those ticket prices are justified! Ha!

Who do U think they should bring on to replace Enrique on Britney's tour?

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Former N'Sync-er J.C. Chasez Robbed!


Man. Well, this sucks.

J.C. Chasez was reportedly robbed yesterday!

The 'NSync-er had his car broken into, with two pairs of sunglasses and $150 stolen! Police are currently investigating the theft.

Geesh! And he only just had the run-in with burglars in November!

Tough luck! At least it wasn't more, though!


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How To Take A Jello Shot, Featuring Lance Bass!


What's that, you say?

A party packed with GORGEOUS half-dressed gays and an especially seksi Lance Bass learning how to take a jello shot?!

Damn! We want to know about this BEFOREHAND the next time these bitches throw a party!

Check out some pretty HIGHlarious photos of the former *NSync-er getting good and liquored up without his shirt on (above)!

The amazing lady accompanying him captioned the pics with the following:

I tried to show this guy how to properly take down a Jello Shot, explaining you had to run your tongue along the rim of it…But he wasn't very good at it.

Ha! That's okay, bb!

We're sure that there are other things you can do with your tongue that you ARE very good at!



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Lance Bass Writing A Script Based On His Own Crazy Road Trip!

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Ha! We want to know what happened, bb!

This sounds like it could be HIGHlarious!

Lance Bass and model Cheryl Tiegs recently traveled through the Mexican countryside together to attend Joe Francis' wedding last month after complications with their flight, and apparently, the trip was so insane that the former N'Sync-er is writing a screenplay based on it all!

He explains:

"We're bonded for life after that trip."

Oh man! Too funny!

We're actually a little curious to see what kind of writing skillz our Lance has!

Hopefully it will translate well onto page, and we'll soon be able to watch for ourselves all of the wacky shenanigans these guys got into on the journey!


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J.C. Chasez Scares Off Burglar At His House!

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How frightening!

Yesterday, someone tried to break into the Hollywood Hills home of former Nsyncer J.C. Chasez.

JC told the police that last night, someone broke one of his window in his house and proceeded to climb through. JC was in another part of the house, but heard the noise and went to investigate. When he found the guy in his window, he bravely confronted him, shouting at him for his crime. Then, he immediately dialed the police, which scared the guy off.

When the police arrived, they began a search for the "while male" burglar with little luck. The intruder is still at large.

But WHOA! We can't believe JC got into the guys face! We so would have been too scared to do that!

[Image via WENN.]

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N'SYNC On Glee???

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Joey Fatone wants it! We do too…minus Joey Fatone. Now if Timberpussy wants to make an appearance…!

While watching the uber-exciting Britney Spears-centric episode of Glee this week, Joey began to relive his glory days in N'SYNC. Through his nostalgia, he had a vision, one where Lea Michele would be belting out a chorus of Pop, while the boys busted out some moves to Bye, Bye, Bye.

It was then that he tweeted out his vision, explaining how cool it would be if the show did an N'SYNC episode. And so, the idea was born…

And now he won't shut up about it! Joey is now pushing the idea around to sources, explaining:

"I saw the Britney Spears one and I thought it was kind of cool. I said, 'You know what? They should do an 'NSYNC one.' So I mentioned it on Twitter, and everyone is retweeting it and saying, 'That would be great!' I love acting and I like to sing. It'd be perfect! Seriously, it's a great show. I'm a fan."

Yeah, okay. Can we have the killer music without the wash-up wannabe, please? Could you settle for just receiving a royalties check and not a boost to your ego? Please?

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Justin Bieber Matches 'NSync's Record!


Oh, shiz!


Justin Bieber's smash album, My World 2.0, has not left the top 10 on the best-selling album charts in 27 consecutive weeks - which is the first time since 'NSync's No Strings Attached that an album has managed to do so!

Congratulations, bb! Now let's shoot for 28!

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