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Bourne Legacy Box Office Numbers Are Looking Good


Our apologies to Matt Damon.

It looks like America has already forgotten the star that breathed new life into the spy action genre.

Based on early estimates, the Jeremy Renner starring Bourne Legacy is on its way to a $46 million opening weekend.

With these numbers, there's a good chance we'll get Bourne again!

Political comedy The Campaign is looking surprisingly strong as well, and is expected to hit around $25 mil!

The Tommy Lee Jones/Meryl Streep love story Hope Springs is set to come in third with around $12 million.

There's dolla dolla bills to be made this weekend! What will U be seeing?

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Colin Ferrell: Slick And Sweaty

Colin Ferrell Sis

Ohhhhh Colin Ferrell — you're in the best shape of your life right now!

Just look at you glisten… the sun catches your muscles in the most delicate of ways!

How'd you get so sweaty??

Wait, don't tell us. Ummm — you were learning how to alligator wrestle.


How about hip hop dancing? Handstands? Digging holes? Waiting for lottery numbers?

Running though our minds all day?

We refuse to believe it's because you've been in the sun while on a beach.

Maybe we'll get a straight answer from your sister, since she's been around you the whole time you've been in Cancun.

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

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Warner Bros Mutes Dark Knight Box Office Reporting; Estimates Tally $75M Opening Night

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dark knight rises opening weekend box office estimates

Friday evening, Warner Bros announced they would postpone any reporting of box office sales from The Dark Knight Rises until Monday.

This decision was made out of respect to everyone involved in the terrible Colorado shooting.

But analysts estimate opening night's numbers to be right around $75M. This puts the film on track for a $170M weekend total.

It should be noted that

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Katie Holmes' Divorce Strategy Uncovered!

Katie Holmes Plans

As we’ve been reporting, Katie Holmes’ decision to divorce Tom Cruise was no spur of the moment thing — gurl had this shiz PLANNED!

And when we say she planned the divorce — which shocked and surprised many — we’re talking numbers changed, apartment switched…the works!

Katie clearly kept her strategizing on the DL, because Tom was caught completely off guard once the papers were filed!

A source revealed:

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Brave Hits The Box Office Target!

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brave merida bow and arrow scene

Brave! It's aboot freedom!

…and box office dollar signs! Ha!

As anticipated, the fiery Scottish lass won Friday night at the box office with $24.5M. And, also as expected, that number is estimated to grow to $67M for the whole weekend.

Just another day for Disney-Pixar!

Meanwhile, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter came in at second place with $6.3M.. hoping to gain $16M by the end of Sunday.

Which one did U see last night?

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Cars Land Welcomes Record Breaking Attendance At Disney California Adventure!

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Vroom Vroom!!!

Disney California Adventure welcomed a massive 43,000 visitors to their grand opening of Cars Land — the 12 acre, breathtaking mini-park within a park.

And on Sunday, reports say the attendance list grew to 45,000!!! That's A LOT of sweaty glistening Minnie Mouse ears!!

Needless to say, we think they're makin' their $1.1 billion back in no time! (Why did they raise ticket prices again? Ha!)

Of course, just because everything was new and shiny didn't mean it was all kink-free! Radiator Springs Racers was loved so much, it actually broke down TWICE on Friday, causing the wait-time to escalate to 5.5 hours at one point!!!

But apparently that's normal when you're dealing with a brand new ride (and massive lines of riders craving its adventure)!

Still, even with long waits, visitors are leaving DCA and Disneyland with the biggest smiles yet!


We might have to find our way over there soon… send us some tickets, Mickey! Ha! ;)

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Dallas Whoops A$$ In Ratings!

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Dallas has great premiere ratings


Two decades later and Dallas is STILL raking in ratings gold!

The reboot of the 80s soap/drama premiered on TNT Wednesday night, roping in an incredible 6.863 million viewers.

Dallas got higher

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