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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer Heats Up Nutty Madam's Emotions — Her Reaction HERE!!!

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If you haven’t yet seen the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer, who better to watch it with than the Nutty Madam?

In fact, she finds it so nice she views it TWICE!!!

The Nutty Madam has never been one to hold back her emotions, whether she’s defending Robsten or lashing out at the Biebs, but something about movie trailers really touches the Nut in a special place.

She says, “I don’t even have the words to explain it.” But she DEF gives it a try anyway!

Ch-ch-check out her tearful reaction to the next chapter of Katniss’s adventures in a world without enough food (above)!

And heads up! Spoiler alert at minute 5:25!!!

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Justin Bieber’s Public Piss Pisses Off The Nutty Madam! Watch Her Online Web Rant HERE!!!

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nutty madam bieber

The Nutty Madam might be a Twi-hard, but she is DEF not a Belieber anymore!!!

The Biebs has displayed some bad behavior of late, and while Bill Clinton may have forgiven him, the Nutty Madam says she is STILL “so f***king angry”!!!

In a video she posted yesterday titled “F**K YOU JUSTIN BIEBER,” the batty Brit declares that any respect she had for the Biebs has “just gone out the window” even though she admits she likes a couple of his songs.

But ONLY ”the ones with less lyrics and more music.”


Ch-ch-check out the vid for more of the Nutty Madam’s opinions on Justin’s friends, his lack of swagger, and his mom (below)!

[Images via YouTube and Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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Twilight's Biggest Fan Lives The DREAM! Watch Stephenie Meyer-Induced Meltdown HERE!

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Mentally and emotionally prepare yourselves for this, folks.

This is a two-parter!

Our favorite Twi-Hard of all-time is EASILY Nutty Madam, who has kept a relatively low-profile since spontaneously combusting into thousands of vampire sparkles after the concluding chapter of The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn - Part 2 premiered back in November.

But she re-emerged this week on YouTube to share with the world what must have singlehandedly been the most defining moment of her entire LIFE!

Forget Robert Pattinson and red carpets! Forget defending Kristen Stewart from the entirety of the internet!

Forget her video-taped reactions to EACH and EVERY ONE of the Twilight theatrical trailers!

Gurlfriend MET her holy grail, the source of ALL the romance, lip-biting, and clumsiness: original author Stephenie Meyer… and you NEED to see this to believe it's real!

We're not even kidding. We literally think we watched her channel through all seven stages of grief in about two minutes flat here!

Ch-ch-check it all out in all of its very overwhelmed GLORY (above)!

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Listen Up, Twi-Hards! Nutty Madam Has A Message For YOU!

There she is!

It has certainly been a while! We were beginning to wonder if the end of the Twilight franchise was just all too much for her sparkling vampire heart to take, and she had logged off of YouTube for good!

Thankfully, our concern has now been squelched, because our beloved Nutty Madam is BACK…and she's got a message for all of you Twi-Hards making all sorts of stinks about all of the recent Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson relationship drama!

And guess what it is?!

The SAME message she had back when the news of the affair broke for the first time:


Sadly, her verbal sparring isn't nearly as, ahem, 'emotional' as it was back during those dark summer days, but we promise it's just as FEROSH!

Give her a watch (above)!

P.S. Do NOT ask for her bra size, you guys! Nutty Madam will NOT tell you!

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EXCLUSIVE! Nutty Madam Puts Twilight Fans To The Ultimate Test!

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These dedicated Twilight lovers need to go back to history class!!

They might know everything about the Saga, but they totally FAIL at remembering some of the most important details of history!

You won't believe some of the answers they come up with when Nutty Madam puts them to the test. Srsly, it's HIGHLARIOUS!!

Ch-ch-check it ouuttt (above)!!!

Geez!! Edward would not be impressed, ladies!! But we are! Ha!

We definitely wanna thank the brave ladies who answered our Q's! XOXO

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EXCLUSIVE! Perez's Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Premiere Special… With World's Biggest Twilight Fan - Nutty Madam!!!


We've been waiting with fiery anticipation to reveal our EXCLUSIVE coverage of the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiere! And now it's here!!

With fangs thirsty for Twilight refreshment and a fever that makes us wanna howl at the moon… we present to you…



Yes!! The very same Twi-hard who melted everyone's heart with her glorious take on Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal is the same one we brought to the premiere of the year!


It's an event for the ages!! Behold the magic of VAMPIYAH!

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Twilight's Biggest Fan Has Survived The Robsten Debacle…And Is Now Giving Interviews!

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Phew! We are SO relieved to see that our beloved Nutty Madam seems to be doing all right after her Kristen Stewart affair-induced YouTube meltdown last month!

The ULTIMATE Twi-Hard, whose real name is Emma Clark, has risen above it all, as you can see from this fascinating interview she recently gave, in which she also discusses how the Twilight community changed her life, how she handles her haters, and even gives us a peek at WHERE all the magic happens!

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