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Simon Cowell "Plans" To Announce X Factor Judges Line-Up By Friday


Finally! It'd be about time!

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous!

Although Simon Cowell recently revealed that Cheryl Cole and Paula Abdul were both in negotiations to join the judges panel of the American X Factor, nothing had been finalized, and apparently still isn't - even though filming is set to begin on Friday!

He explains:

"I can’t confirm the lineup. I’ll be [filming] on Friday, so at the moment it will be just me."

However, when pushed as to whether production would have to confirm the judges by the end of the week, Cowell responded: "We have to…yes."

We certainly hope so!

This has become absolutely out of control - we were supposed to know by last DECEMBER!

It's time you guys stopped questioning what to do, picked the remaining panelists, and COMMIT! You've had more than enough time to negotiate, question, and second guess!

What do U think?? Who do U want to see on X Factor??

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Josh Duhamel Has A History Of Freaking Out At Airports!!

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Apparently, the guy is notorious for acting like a diva!

This wasn't Josh Duhamel's first airport freak-out!

A Perezcious reader witnessed the actor being "rude and obnoxious" at an airport just a couple months ago!!

Attempting to fly out of the Newark Airport, Josh - missing the final boarding call - was running LATE, when an agent at the gate stopped him. This is what happened, according to our Perezcious spywitness:

"The gate agent apologized and said [there was] nothing she could do. The boarding door was already closed and the flight closed.

At this point, Josh completely exploded - no build up, just went off. Got right in this woman's face and started shouting, 'Don't you know who I am?! Open up the door and let me on!' He was just nonstop shouting and peppering in all his statements with some pretty colorful language. The gate agent stayed calm and trying to difuse the situation, began to walk away, which enraged him even more. He followed behind her, screaming and throwing his hands in the air demanding she get someone else there. He even went so far as to cut in front of her and get right up in her face and screamed more, blocking her from moving."

When security came over to calm him down, Josh grabbed his bags and shouted, "Fuck you and fuck this place!!!"


Is he for real??

You could use some anger management classes, buddy!

[Image via WENN.]

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Katherine Heigl Will NEVER Appear On Grey's Anatomy Again!

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After the stink she effing made, we doubt they'd WANT her obnoxious ass back!

Katherine Heigl recently revealed that despite her Grey's Antomy character surviving cancer and STILL being written off, she doesn't think Izzie Stevens will ever appear on the series again!

She explains being a bitch:

"That chapter is closed, and it's sad. And it's hard. I can't think of any way that she could come back gracefully that wouldn't just feel manipulative. And, it's hard, because I really wonder what she's doing and where she is and what happened, but that is over for me now. I really miss that relationship. Justin Chambers is one of the most amazing men, and certainly a spectacular actor. I feel oddly attached to him, and the character [Dr. Alex Karev] and my character being together. It just seems what's supposed to be, but you can't have it all."

Yeah! Only because you were a pain-in-the-ass diva that shit all over your big break to the point that nobody there wants you anywhere near that set again!

Don't pretend it's something it's not, bb!

Oh well!

We're sure once her film career tanks a little more she'll be sticking her foot in her mouth and begging producers to let her do a guest stint!

Thoughts? Are U sad to see Izzie gone for good?

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Life Is Cruel: Jersey Shore's Angelina Releasing Single On iTunes!

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Can't she just crawl back into whatever Staten Island dump where she came from?

Jersey Shore's #1 slam pig, Angelina, announced today via Twitter that she's somehow managed to extend her intolerable 15 minutes of fame into some sort of HOrrific recording deal, and will have a single coming out next month!


She writes:

Breaking News: My first single "I'm Hot" will drops next month on Itunes!!!! I'm so EXCITED!!!! #TeamAngelina

Yes, you and you alone are excited, bb!

Although, if you want to have a more appropriate, true to life song title, how about you switch it to I'm Getting My Ass Kicked By Snooki This Week On Jersey Shore, or maybe just simply I Have a Pancake Ass!

Yes! Those work MUCH better!


P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

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Ashton And Demi Continue The PDA To Prove That They're In Love!


Well, this is just getting sad.

Amidst the most likely true affair allegations brought against Ashton Kutcher, he and Demi Moore and are STILL attempting to the prove to the world how in love they are - by acting completely desperate out in public!

A source spotted the couple out on the town together last night, and reveals:

“At one point, Demi seemed very comfortable and sat on Ashton’s lap. Then she leaned back and was laying down all the way across his knees. She was not shy at all about being affectionate and didn’t seem to care about people watching. It looked like she wanted to show everyone that they are very much together.”



The more these two pull this pathetic shiz, the more we believe the rumors!

In fact, why don't you guys prove how much you love each other by releasing a sex tape! Then we'll DEFINITELY know that Ashton's not a cheater!

Bwa ha ha ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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The Simpleton DID Drop Ken Paves For New Man!


We totally thought that this was why!

Despite reports suggesting otherwise, sources are now claiming that Ken Paves and The Simpleton's friendship is currently on the outs because she IS one of those obnoxious girls who drops her friends the minute she has a man!

A source explains:

"Ken is sick of her cycle of dumping friends when she's with a guy …… She doesn't care about the world, only herself, All she talks about is men, love and sex."


Whatevs, though!

He'll dump her ass, as they always do, and when she goes crying back to Ken, we hope he gives her a piece of his mind!

Be an ADULT, bb, and learn how to balance ALL of your relationships. You're only hurting yourself in the long run!

[Image via WENN.]

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Dan Humphrey Defends Little J's Idiocy!


We tend to agree with you on this one, Dan Humphrey!

But it doesn't mean the little twit gets a free pass!

Penn Badgley has come to the defense of his Gossip Girl co-star Taylor Momsen and her obnoxious 'too cool for school look at me I'm so edgy' behavior, and maintains that she's just acting like any other dumbass 17 year old!

He explains:

“First of all, it’s not true [that Taylor doesn't hang out with the rest of the cast]. [My girlfriend Blake Lively] and I saw her the night she did Letterman, and we hung out with her in her hotel room. It was a very calm night – she wasn’t crazy partying or anything like that. Taylor’s a teenager, and teenagers go through what they’re going to go through. It just so happens that she’s in the eye of the press, and I think that’s unfortunate, because everyone should be allowed to make their mistakes. I think it’s like, she’s 17. Give her time. She’s a really sweet girl, very smart, very talented. She’s just growing up. I saw her perform a year ago, but I haven’t seen her recently. She had a great presence [back then] and I think she’s very talented. She loves music, and as long as she’s doing what she loves, that’s something I respect.”

Well said! We certainly admit that she's talented!

And if she wants to act like she's so 'mature' and weathered by the world, do it behind closed doors!

Shouldn't her parents or PR people be telling her how embarrassed the world is for her when she opens her mouth these days?!

Eh! We suppose everyone goes through it! Too bad she's going to have this entire phase of her life documented, so she will constantly have to look back and CRINGE at all the dumbass shiz she said and did!



[Image via WENN.]

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