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Tim Gunn Slams Taylor Momsen, Calls Her "Pathetic!"


Taylor Momsen should be absolutely ashamed of herself!

The self-righteous little twerp must have been truly awful to piss off even Tim Gunn, who took time out of fashion week to UNLEASH on the Gossip Girl actress and her behavior during his guest-starring stint on an upcoming episode.

He claims:

"What a diva! She was pathetic, she couldn't remember her lines, and she didn't even have that many. I thought to myself 'why are we all being held hostage by this brat?' I'd say, 'You know young lady, there are hundreds of thousands of girls who are just as attractive and even smarter than you. Why are you acting like this show is a huge burden on you?' She was on her phone during every break, I wanted to tell her, 'If you weren't on your BlackBerry, you can retain this stuff.' I learned from teaching to stick with the topic, I don't get involved in character appraisals. I'd just ask her 'do you want to share with me why you're always on your phone?' At one point the director leaned in and whispered to me, 'this is day in, day out, my life.' She annoyed the entire crew."

Gunn went on to say that the rest of the cast was lovely, and she was the only problem on the set!

Hmm…very telling!

It makes us sick that this girl thinks that this holier-than-thou, 'my life is such a burden' attitude has to negatively effect so many other people! Especially when her older, much more high-profile (and for the most part, much more talented) cast mates can do their jobs professionally!

We think it's time that someone had a reality check!

AKA fire her boney, poser ass! Nobody likes her OR her character, anyway!


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Little J Covers RiRi!

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As obnoxious as she can be, we can't get over how how much we really like her music!

Check out (BELOW) Gossip Girl prostitot Taylor Momsen with her band The Pretty Reckless doing an AWESOME mash-up of Islands by The xx and "Love the Way You Lie" by Eminem and Rihanna!

Maybe she's doing RiRi as a way to say 'no hard feelings!'

Actually, no way - she's too hardcore for apologies, obviously!


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New Details On Bam Margera Being Detained In New Zealand!

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Bam Margera was ejected from Auckland Airport for being too drunk and obnoxious to fly yesterday, but it may have been due to something else!

A friend has suggested that he was "incapacitated" by "roofies" causing him to miss his flight, but the NZ police confirmed that two "very intoxicated" men were banned from the airport, causing "concerns about letting them fly in that state."

It's still unknown whether Bam was on any drugs.

Sounds like some jackass behavior all around!

[Image via WENN.]

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M.I.A. Goes After The Big O, And Lady GaGa Again!


Well, here she goes again!

M.I.A. is once again acting like sour grapes and lashing out at not only Lady GaGa - which she seems to be doing at a regular rate these days - but also The Big O!

Watch yourself, girl! She is not someone you want to mess with!

She says:

'…Oprah seemed like she was giving me the cold shoulder. She was with Iman (Bowie). Iman was always dancing with me, hugging and kissing me, but Oprah seemed really pissed off with me. Also she made this huge speech at the ball praising Lady Gaga and about how she (Lady Gaga) is helping Americans to be the best of themselves. There's millions of other Americans who represent that for me. Is (it) about numbers? About how much you're selling? Is it truly about the journey? Because (Lady Gaga's) journey isn't that difficult: to go from the fucking Upper East Side to a fucking performing arts school and on to a stage at the museum of fucking wherever. That journey's about four miles.'


She really does just sound like a jealous teenager, doesn't she?

And what's with the 'I'm so badass, look at me, I piss off Oprah' shtick? Like we're supposed to be impressed?

Time to bitch about something new, gurl!

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New Couple Alert?

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Say it ain't so, Puck!

Fresh from her split with that obnoxious has-been Ryan Cabrera, Miz Ceiling Eyes was spotted at Katy Perry's post-Movie Awards bash getting all kinds of cozy with Glee's Mark Salling!

We think he can do better, don't you think??

So sad!! Let's hope he gets some sense and drops her faster than her potential at a career post-Hills!

[Image via WENN.]

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Bethenny Responds To Weight Loss Controversy!


You know she is LOVING all this attention!

After posing in a bathing suit and boasting that she had lost 30 pounds merely three weeks after giving birth, obnoxious Real Housewife and health guru Bethenny Frankel received quite a bit of flack about what exactly she was trying to promote - her new daughter or her body image issues!

To the surprise of no one, the famewhore has already released a statement regarding the controversy, and says:

"I gained 35 pounds during my pregnancy, and probably would have gained five more if Bryn wasn't born five weeks early. The truth is, I was really healthy! I indulged, but in moderation. I was even eating red velvet cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. They say you should eat 300 more calories a day when you're pregnant. I don't count calories, but I'd say I was eating 400 more than I usually did per day.

My books about being naturally skinny have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. The bottom line is, it's not so unrealistic to stay healthy while you're expecting. You don't have to gain 75 pounds unless you really decide, 'I'm going to Taco Bell every day' — and then you'll have a lot more work to do later. I lost about 25 pounds in the hospital, just from the baby and all the baby stuff. Plus, I had a C-section, so I was in the hospital for six days, and you can't really eat for three of those. But once I left the hospital, I still had about ten more pounds to go. I still am maybe five or six pounds heavier than I was when I got pregnant, but it will fall off when it wants to.

In terms of the bathing-suit shot, I purposely didn't wear a bikini in the photo. I thought it would be cheesy, so I wore a one-piece. I think I look like a mom; I don't think I look scary-skinny. I think it's good for a woman to know she can stay healthy during and after pregnancy. While I was pregnant, I did light walks and light yoga — I didn't do anything crazy. It was all balanced!"

Yeah, we're sure your exercise and weight loss techniques were just about as balanced as you are psychologically, bb!

What do U think?? Is all this dramz for nothing or is Bethenny just being her usual, famewhoring self??

[Image via WENN.]

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Brody Comes To Avril's Rescue!


Oh, good lord.

Now she's going to think that they're destined to be together and probably write a song about it!

The most obnoxious couple in the world, Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner, may have just upgraded from irritating drunken fling to HOrrific serious romance now that The Hills douchebag has saved the dumbass singer from drowning!

According to reports, Brody was teaching Avril how to surf when things got dangerous!

A source says:

"A big wave flipped her into the water upside down. Brody swam over and dragged Avril to shore, but she'd had the wind knocked out of her - she'd swallowed a bunch of water and was coughing. When Avril realized what happened, she was so thankful Brody was there to save her."

Unfortunately, the rogue wave did not carry those two away to the Lost island. Which, seeing as the show is now over, would be a perfect place for them to be stranded!

No one would have ever thought to look there, everyone's too pissed off at all of the island's unsolved mysteries!

So sad.

May your love continue to terrorize the public blossom, you two. Bleck!

[Image via WENN.]

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