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Male Octopus Gives Birth!

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octopus give birth

Wait, that can't happen!

Staff at a marine centre have been left stunned after an octopus thought to be male gave birth.

The lesser octopus, named Roland, has caused a mini sensation at the UK's Hunstanton Sealife Sanctuary.

But staff members are now facing a battle to save Roland's offspring while the mother herself is facing imminent death because she is so devoted.

Apparently the creatures become so focused on looking after their little ones they starve themselves to death.

"Sadly nobody has yet managed to successfully rear octopus fry to maturity," told an aquarium staffer. "But we're going to do our level best and see if we can be the first."

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Escaped Snake Gets A Name

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Escaped Cobra gets a name

The clever cobra that escaped the Bronx Zoo and inspired a media frenzy has finally gotten a name to match it's reputation.


The 20-inch Egyptian cobra, which went missing on March 24th, but has since been found in the zoo's Reptile House, was named after a play on the words, "Missing In Action".

That's clever! We hope they name one of her offspring Chuck Norris too.

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Famous Central Park Zoo Gorilla Lulu Dies

Filed under: R.I.P.Sad SadZooGorilla

Lulu the gorilla dies

So sad, but we guess it was her time to go.

Lulu, who thrilled New Yorkers by delivering the first baby gorilla ever born at the Central Park Zoo, died at her retirement habitat at in Ohio on Monday.

When Lulu's baby was born in 1972, the New York Daily News ran a naming contest that collected over 33,000 entries and selected Patty Cake as the winner.

The 46-year-old gorilla died after she began to suffer from seizures on Saturday.

Zoo officials say Lulu, known for her pink tongue that was perpetually sticking out, was a favorite among visitors.

Sounds like Lulu lived a long and happy life reaching a relatively old age for a gorilla.

Her daughter Patty Cake went on to produce 10 offspring of her own and now resides at the Bronx Zoo.

Rest in peace, Lulu!

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Lonesome George Fights Extinction

Filed under: TV NewsBaby BlabberEndangeredTurtle

Here is more on our new favorite turtle 90-year-old tortoise, Lonesome George, who is the rarest species in the world because he is the last of his kind!

George, who lives in Galapagos National Park on an island off the coast of Ecuador, has never successfully had any offspring, but he's getting two more chances in the form of two new female mates closely related to his species.

Check out the news story above for all the fascinating details and cross your fingers for our boy George!

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Hen Helps Rabbit Raise Her Offspring

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Awww! What an amazing story!

At an Australian wildlife park, a chicken and a rabbit are co-parenting a colony of newborn rabbits!

Park staff have never seen anything like it, but suspect since the chicken, Silky, has never hatched an egg herself, her maternal instincts are kicking in.

The mother rabbit seems to appreciate the helping hen and stops by to feed her offspring once a day.

Check out the news story (above) for all the adorable details!

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Century Old Giant Tortoise Gets Two New Mates To Produce Offspring

Filed under: Baby BlabberTurtleWildlife

Giant tortoise gets new mates

A giant tortoise nicknamed Lonesome George living in Galapagos National Park who has yet to produce offspring in his long life is getting two more chances to become a father.

George, estimated to be between 90 and 100 years old and believed to be the last living member of the Geochelone abigdoni species, is getting two new mates to produce viable offspring.

According to studies from Yale University, his new mates "are genetically closer … more compatible, and could offer greater possibilities of producing offspring" compared to his two previous female partners who laid eggs the past three years, but none resulted in viable offspring.

The two potential mates arrived on Santa Cruz island, where George lives, on Thursday from the archipelago's Spanish Island.

Let's hope George is still up for the challenge of producing some little lonesomes to survive his species.

Don't worry, he's still got plenty of time. Even though he has reached triple digits, he is still expected to live for another 50 years.

Good luck, George!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Scientists Create Mice From Two Fathers Using Stem Cell Technology!

Filed under: Science!Discovery

Scientists create mice from two fathers using stem cells

Woah! Check this out.

US scientists have used stem cell technology to create mice from two fathers, an advancement which may not only potentially help preserve endangered species and also help same-sex couples have their own genetic children one day!

That's so exciting!

In the study published Wednesday in the journal Biology of Reproduction, reproductive scientists were able to manipulate cells from a male (XY) mouse fetus to produce an induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell line.

Some of the cells that were grown from this new line spontaneously lost their Y chromosome, turning them into XO cells.

Those XO cells were injected into embryos from donor female mice and transplanted into surrogate mouse moms who gave birth to babies with one X chromosome from the original male mouse.

Those babies grew and later mated with normal male mice with their offspring, both male and female, showing genetic contributions from two fathers.

With a variation to their technique, researchers say:

"It may also be possible to generate sperm from a female donor and produce viable male and female progeny with two mothers."

Even though the ability to replicate the results in humans is a long way off, it's cool to see these kinds of scientific advances on the horizon.

Previous research has found ways to create mice without any fathers at all, as well as ways to create mice with two mothers.

[Image via AP Images.]

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