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Porn Studios REALLY WANT That J. Lo Video!

jennifer lopez tape causes porn bidding war

Poor J. Lo!

Last week, a judge ruled that Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband Ojani Noa is legally allowed to release intimate home videos of her to the public.

Now, porn studios have begun a bidding war for the J. Lo tape, and there are currently bids in the vicinity of $40,000 from YouPorn.com, PornHub.com, and Red Light District.

The bids would be even higher, but apparently there's no actual sex on the tape, which makes them a bit less valuable.

Still must be SOME steamy footage there, if it's worth $40K. Guess we'll find out more soon.

What do U think about all of this? Will U watch the J. Lo tape after it's released?

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J.Lo's Ex-Husband Allowed To Release Video Footage


Jennifer Lopez is not going to be happy about this.

A judge has allowed her ex-husband Ojani Noa to release intimate home videos of her to the public.

Even though Jennifer's legal team had originally won a battle to keep the videos from being release, Ojani found a loophole to win in the end. By selling the footage to his current girlfriend, Claudia Vazquez, the judge ruled the confidentiality agreement that Ojani signed could not block this release.

Claudia is said to be "meeting with video distributors" next week to make a deal.

There haven't been specific details about what exactly is on those tapes, but Jennifer is fighting to keep them private so there's obviously something on there she doesn't want people to see.

What a shady, shady guy.

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The Return Of Bennifer!

bennifer drama resurfaces

No, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are not back together, BUT some dramz from their Bennifer days HAS arisen from the depths of failed-celebrity-relationship-heaven!

We reported yesterday that Claudia Vazquez, the girlfriend of J. Lo's ex-husband Ojani Noa, filed a $10 million lawsuit against the singer for allegedly meddling with a motion picture contract based on his life, and now she's going after Affleck, claiming that he forbid J. Lo of communicating with ex-hubby Noa while the two were engaged.

Vazquez also claims that Affleck had Noa fired from Jennifer's "Pasadena-owned restaurant."

She claims:

“Last time she [Lopez] had contact with Ojani was when Ben Affleck was around and Ben Affleck actually found out a lot things about Ojani. He [Affleck] was very jealous. He actually told her to fire him [Noa]; no reason. Ojani could not be close to Jennifer when Ben was around.”

Hopefully Ben isn't acting like this around wifey Jennifer Garner. Then again, they're married AND they have kids. It would be pretty ridiculous if he were!

[Image via WENN.]

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Official! Ojani Noa's Girlfriend Suing J.Lo For $10 Million

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Yeah, good luck with this, hun!

Last week, we reported that Ojani Noa's girlfriend, Claudia Vazquez, was preparing to sue Jennifer Lopez for standing in the way of she and Ojani exploiting J.Lo with a new movie.

This morning, Claudia has officially filed the lawsuit against Jen and the wheels of justice have been set in motion.

Except we imagine the outcome will be more in Jennifer's favor than Claudia. We don't know why she thinks it is smart to mess with Jenny from the Block, but she's about to get a serious wake-up call!

[Image via WENN.]

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J. Lo Is Being Sued By Ex-Hubby's Gf


But as far as we can tell, she has no case!

Jennifer Lopez made a mistake decades ago that has never stopped biting in the ass. For some time, she was married to Ojani Noa and things seemed okay, until they divorced and Ojani started doing everything he could to get his hands on more of her money. Though the two have a confidentially agreement in place, for years, he's been trying to exploit Jennifer by making a film about her based off their old home movies.

Now, we've learned that his girlfriend, Claudia Vazquez was in on the deal to make the movie and is super pissed that it hasn't taken off the ground. Therefore, she's planning to sue JLO for $10 million for interfering with the film being made.

Claudia reportedly intends on filing the lawsuit today, alleging that JLo mis-stated facts to the Court to obtain the restraining order that interferes with the project.

Um, and she doesn't have the right to do that because…?

Don't waste your money, girl! JLo's got more money, better lawyers and more smarts than you. You don't stand a chance at winning!

[Image via WENN.]

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No Ex's Allowed On American Idol, Says J. Lo


Sucks to be one of Jennifer Lopez's musically inclined ex's.

We don't know how many others will fall victim to J. Lo's Idol power, but her ex-husband Ojani Noa will NOT be allowed to audition.

Here's what a source had to say about it:

“Jennifer got Fox to make sure that the screeners at the auditions would not let Ojani anywhere near the auditions."

More from the source:

“Fox made it clear that he was not welcome and that he could be arrested if he showed up so he backed-out at the last minute."

And More:

“It was a shame because all he wanted to do was to showcase his voice and show people that he can really sing too.”

Look at it this way, Ojani. You can audition another time, when J. Lo doesn't have super Idol powers. You'll have a better chance, or ANY chance at all, of getting a fair judgment then.

Do U think J. Lo's ex should be allowed to audition?

[Image via WENN.]

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J-Lo's "Racy" Vids Up For Public Auction!

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J-Lo obsessee's, take note!

Jen's creepy ex hubby Ojani Noa is filing for bankruptcy, and when he does, literally hours upon hours of "racy" home videos featuring the singer-slash-actress will be up for public auction!!!!

Sources say Noa can "force the federal bankruptcy trustee to sell his share of the Jennifer Lopez 'racy' home videos, plus hundreds and hundreds of unseen and 'racy' candid still photos of JLo, and Ojani's tell-all book manuscript about JLo at a public bankruptcy auction, to the highest bidder."

Apparently because the vids and photos will be up for public auction, it'll push Lopez' lawsuit from the California Court of Appeal and "up to the Federal Bankruptcy Court, where the case will be fast tracked, and Ojani can force Jennifer Lopez onto the witness stand in open court within 60 days."

The shiz is about to hit the fan!

And we can't wait!!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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