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Burry Stander, 2 Time Olympian Cyclist, Dies In Tragic Accident

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So sad.

Burry Stander, one of the best mountain bikers in the world and a two time Olympian, has passed away in a terribly tragic accident when he was hit by a taxi while practicing on his bike.

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Men With Brothers Have Lightning Quick Sperm?!?!

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A new study suggests that the more brothers a man has, the faster their sperm is, which mean greater fertility.

Researchers assessed the fertility of 500 men and found that sperm swimming speed had to with family genetics!

Apparently slow and steady isn't in these sperm's vocabulary

Here's what a scientist said:

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Squeezing Boobs Can Prevent Cancer??

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First, let us preface this by saying this does not give you permission to run around the mall, squeezing every pair of boobs you see then screaming: "Saved your life, saved your life!"

Researchers at UC Berkeley found that physical force on breasts can actually prevent malignant breast cells trying to trigger cancer.

A leading member of the research team said:

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Doctor Diagnoses The Home Alone Injuries

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Almost everyone remembers watching Home Alone as a kid!

…and then probably again and again as a young adult.

Well it's that time of the year again!

Home Alone is back on the TV channels and in our VHS/DVD/Blu-ray players (or HD DVD player)! LOLz!

Remember all those ahmayzing scenes of little Kevin McCallister booby-trapping his house and springing paint cans and blow torches on the unsuspecting robbers??

Well a doctor has diagnosed those injuries to see if the "wet bandits" could have survived their run-ins with the traps.

So… was little Kevin a clever prankster? Or justified murderer??

Check out the injuries and the doc's diagnosis AFTER THE JUMP!!

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Kelly Osbourne Flaunts 70 Pound Lighter Bikini Bod!

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kelly-osbourne-flaunts-bod-in-bikini-shoot.jpgKelly Osbourne is absolutely gorgeous!

After losing almost 70 pounds, she deserves to flaunt her body and make sure everyone knows how fit she is!

But she says she'll never be the person who's self absorbed like, "Look at how hot I am!"

She said:

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