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Miley Cyrus & Other Young, Overtly Sexual Stars Called Out By Jennifer Lawrence!

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miley cyrus jennifer lawrence young sex selling disgusting

Jennifer Lawrence knows exactly what it's like to have the best of both worlds, but that doesn't mean she can relate to the girl who made that phrase a pop-princess punch line!

We guess we can chalk up another non-Smiler on the board because Jennifer has been quoted calling out Miley Cyrus — and other starlets just like her!

While promoting Hunger Games: Catching Fire, JLaw was asked about the sexualization of women in her industry, and she let her opinion run as loose as Mileybird at the VMAs!

The adorkable actress admitted:

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Katy Perry Clears Up The Air About Her Shade Thoughts On Showing Skin!

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We all know Katy Perry's opinion on her fellow popstar peers showing their skin to the world, heck, gurlfriend even did it at one point of time in her career!

Cotton candy cloud, anyone?

So, we think it's safe to say she wasn't exactly throwing shade at her bestie Rihanna and the outrageousness that is Miley Cyrus.

The Prism cleared up the air, saying:

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Miley Cyrus' VMAs Dancer Admits She Felt Horribly "Degraded" After Being Treated Like A "Prop"!

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miley cyrus little person degraded during vmas

This probably isn't good for business.

Miley Cyrus has been dancing all around the world with little people to promote her new music, but the uproar against this is about to fuel up.

Hollis Jane was one of the dancers who was in a bear costume for Mileybird's VMAs performance. And while she might not have had a problem with Miley's foam finger antics, she's got a much bigger problem with how she was treated.

She admitted in her blog:

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Cher Finally Reveals The Harsh Truth About Her Film Burlesque! Find Out What She Said HERE!

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Cher: Burlesque wasn't a good movie!

Ooooooh! This is innneresting!

Never one to hold back her opinion, Cher has finally come forward with her thoughts on Burlesque, the movie she starred in with Christina Aguilera.

It stunk.

Well, she didn't quite say it like that, but she has FINALLY come to the realization which the rest of the world has known for quite some time…

Like since it came out! LOLz!!

Cher said:

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' Same Love Leads To NASTY Homophobic Rant From Radio Caller! Listen HERE!

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So much disgusting hatred!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' song Same Love is AH-Mazing and has a wonderful message, but apparently there are people out there who STILL don't get it!

And one man called into U93 Radio in South Bend, Indiana to give his nasty, nasty opinion about the positively inspirational song.

But DJ Artimis, who took the call, recorded the homophobic rant and released it to the public!

Major kudos to the DJ for handling the call so calmly! We can't imagine how much we'd lose our minds listening to all that hatred spewing from him.

Not surprisingly, the guy calling in did not give his whole name.

Ch-ch-check out how well DJ Artimis handles the horrible sitch (above)!

[Image via Carsten Windhorst/WENN.]

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Amanda Bynes Reveals That She Can Only Be Helped By Hot People!!

amanda bynes

In Amanda Bynes’ latest Twitter remark, she pretty much admits that if anyone is going to pull her out of her downward spiral, it’s a hot person.

We're well aware that Amanda Bynes likes to call people ugly, but apparently now she won’t even listen to anyone below her appearance standards!!

And it’s really hard to judge what those are, since she’s called some of Hollywood’s most beautiful people ugly!

She recently tweeted:

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Brad Pitt Disagrees With Melissa Etheridge! Says Angelina Jolie's Surgery Was "Empowering!"

brad pitt disagrees with melissa etheridges comments

Many have applauded Angelina Jolie for her strength since announcing her double mastectomy last month, so we were more than a bit surprised when Melissa Etheridge spoke out and said the decision was made out of fear and not bravery.

Brad Pitt was recently made aware of the singer's comments, and understandably he couldn't help but disagree.

The World War Z actor said:

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