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Brad Pitt Disagrees With Melissa Etheridge! Says Angelina Jolie's Surgery Was "Empowering!"

brad pitt disagrees with melissa etheridges comments

Many have applauded Angelina Jolie for her strength since announcing her double mastectomy last month, so we were more than a bit surprised when Melissa Etheridge spoke out and said the decision was made out of fear and not bravery.

Brad Pitt was recently made aware of the singer's comments, and understandably he couldn't help but disagree.

The World War Z actor said:

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Snoop Changes His Tune On Homosexuality And The Rap Community!

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snoop revises gay rap

Now THIS is exactly what we like to hear!

While Snoop Dogg Lion has always been vocal in his support of the LGBT community, he recently raised some eyebrows during a recent interview by offering a very limited perspective on the possibility of homosexuality being accepted by the rap and hip-hop community!

However, it appears that the Reincarnated version of Bob Marley has re-evaluated his perspective on the matter, and in a new interview, now asserts that with the continuous merging of so many genres in the music world, as well as the political and cultural progression toward acceptance and unity, there may very well be openly gay rappers and hip-hop artists much sooner than later!

As he explains:

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Nicole Scherzinger Is NOT Feeling Beyoncé's New Song! Quote Of The Day!

nicole scherzinger qotd

"I don't know what to make of it quite yet. I'm probably Beyoncé's biggest fan. I love Bey, I think she's Queen Bey for sure, nobody can touch her, but I don't know. I think there's going to be really great music hopefully to follow – but I'm not used to the song yet. It just humanizes her because obviously she's going through stuff and she's just kind of being honest – whether or not we want to hear it through her music…I'm hoping some great music [will] come out – she never disappoints. I'm just not used to this."

- Nicole Scherzinger, on Beyoncé's new single Bow Down, to Capital FM.

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Eve Won’t Hate On Nicki Minaj, But She Ain’t Listening To Her Either!

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nicki minaj eve rap feud

There’s a whole lot of hate that goes on between some of the ladiez in the music business, but Eve ain’t getting involved!

The rapper wasn’t able to avoid the hottest and most controversial topic in her industry these days while talking with The Breakfast Club.

Yes, Nicki Minaj!

While Lil’ Kim has been pretty open about her absolute hatred dislike of the American Idol judge, Eve took a different route when explaining her unfavorable opinion of Nicki. She revealed:

“[Nicki’s] not all my cup of tea.”

Oh damn! Gurl throwing shade!

Buuuuut, not so quickly. Eve saved herself from a feud with Miz. Minaj as she added:

“I’m proud of her. I don’t know her, but she’s doing her thing … I love hearing her on certain records. I love her on Girl On Fire. I love hearing her like that.”

Phew! That was a close one.

We don’t know if we could handle another Nicki feud what with Lil’ Kim and Mariah Carey already in the ring.

Instead maybe a hot collaboration??

Think about it, ladiez!!

[Image via Michael Carpenter/Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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Charlie Sheen Tells Us How He Really Feels About Lance Armstrong & Lindsay Lohan

Charlie Sheen always has an inneresting way of looking at things!

And he brought his brutally honest opinion once again while talking about his fellow celebs on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The loose-lipped actor let it all hang out while chatting about his Scary Movie 5 costar Lindsay Lohan and fallen cycling star Lance Armstrong.

And we’ll tell you, Charlie was classic Charlie with his scathing comments about Lance (above)!

And that $100,000 he gave to LiLo?

Ch-ch-check out what that was all about (below)!

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Kim Kardashian's Success: Jennifer Aniston Weighs In!

jennifer aniston kim kardashian kanye west opinion

Welcome to the club, Jen!

Everyone and their momma likes to talk about Kim Kardashian these days. Keeping Up With the Kardashians is still the favorite child in the E! family (a title they've held for years), and now that she's forever linked to Kanye West through the power of Kimbryo (their unborn babe), her place in pop culture is basically cemented for generations to come.

Unfortunately, a lot of that talk is negative. While her fans are loyal and true, many critics love to hate her, claiming her rise to fame and the success thereafter is a travesty in the world of celebrity.

But is it really???

Jon Hamm and Jason Statham may disagree, but Jennifer Aniston happens to think

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Paparazzo Death Even Gets Roger Ebert's Attention: 'Who Cares If Bieber Smokes Pot?'

justin bieber roger ebert paparazzo death opinion

Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Neil Patrick Harris is giving their opinion on the death of Chris Guerra. Hot on the pursuit of Justin Bieber's car, the paparazzo lost his life following a fatal blow from an oncoming car as he tried to cross Sepulveda during a traffic stop.

We even dished some more of our own feelings on The Talk, offering opinion of Bieber himself, but now we've learned that even film critic Roger Ebert wants to chime in!

It began with a tweet:

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