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Kirstie Alley Still Struggling With Weight

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We hate to say it, but we knew that there was something a little shady going on with her last 'weight loss' announcement!

Kirstie Alley has made her struggles with weight no secret, and despite her claims last year that she had achieved quite a bit of success losing the extra pounds on her own program, called Organic Liaison, sources close to the actress have revealed that in reality, she's never managed to get below 220 pounds!

The insider explains:

"The problem is that Kirstie can't cover up the truth any longer. She lied about her weight a year ago on her reality TV show by saying she was 230 pounds when she actually weighed 250 pounds. And although she's lost some weight, it's not even close to what she had hoped. Kirstie yo-yoed throughout the year, and while she claims to weigh about 160 pounds, she's really at 221. Kirstie's been an emotional wreck. She's mortified at being perceived as a public failure. The poor thing was crying her eyes out. At one point, she broke down and sobbed, 'I can't take much more of this!'"

Poor thing!

We certainly understand how difficult it is to struggle with weight gain and getting back into shape, so we completely sympathize! But being honest with yourself is the only way you're going to be successful losing the pounds, bb!

And the last thing you need to worry about is the public's opinion! If anything, we think that they would find what you're going through RELATABLE.

It's not an easy journey, but we think that if you just let yourself relax, and focus on you, instead of all of the outside stresses and factors, you'll get to your goal!

We believe you!

[Image via WENN.]

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Kirstie Dropping Weight On Her New Organic Diet

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Kirstie Dropping Weight On Her New Organic Diet

While Kirstie Alley has been the butt of late-night monologue jokes for years due to her weight problems, there’s one thing that nobody can mock — her resilience and ability to keep trying!

And as we write this, Kirstie Alley is working hard to drop her weight. Last year she was topping the scales at 228 lbs., but since then has being dropping crazy weight.

She gave details on twitter:

“THE GOOD NEWS….I’ve lost 50 lbs!!! THE BAD NEWS…I have 40 more to go!!! …lol…..at least I’m more than half the way there!!.”


She attributes her success to both support from fans who have pledged to diet along with her, as well as the new diet program she has developed called Organic Liaison, the country’s first USDA approved organic weight-loss program.

Alley explained that she likes Organic Liaison because it consists of foods that aren’t loaded with preservatives.

As always, Kirstie Alley is the first one to make a quip about her weight.

“I’m far from SKINNY….but I’m at least far from Shamu …no insult to Shamu intended,” she tweeted.

We think Kirstie won’t have a smooth road ahead to a more permanent weight loss, but we believe in her! She’s never stopped trying, and you can’t help but admire that!

[Image via L. Gallo/WENN.com.]

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She Doesn't Look Like She Lost 50 Pounds!

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Just as we thought!

Despite Kirstie Alley announcing via Twitter last week that she had lost 50 pounds with the aid of her new food line Organic Liaison, the actress was spotted out and about (above) in El Lay looking just about the same size she always is!

What gives, bb?  Is the Magic Xenu Juice not doing the trick?

You can do it, Kirstie!

Don't give up!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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