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Technology Saved The Day! Lost Child Reunited With Her Parents 17 Years Later! All Thanks To Google!

google helps reunite lost chil with family

While this story had a sad beginning, it ended on an extremely happy note!

Gudiya, a 23 year old woman in India, was six when she was separated from her uncle at a railway station. The pair were on their way to visit Gudiya's grandfather, but the trip went amiss when Gudiya's uncle went to buy snacks and then tragically missed the train.

When the train reached its destination, Gudiya was placed in an orphanage because she couldn't remember specific details about her home or her parents. The only detail she could recall was that her uncle worked at a biscuit factory near a railway crossing in front of her house.

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Elton John Kindly Donated His Son's Christmas Gifts To An Orphanage

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elton john gives son christmas gifts to orphanage

Normally, we'd be sad to hear about a parent donating their child's Christmas gifts, but in Elton John's case, we know that he provides more than enough for his beautiful kids!

In a recent interview, he opened up about his sons, Zachary, 2, and Elijah, nine months, revealing that at Zachary's first Christmas, he and David Furnish were so overwhelmed with gifts that, as parents, they decided the right thing to do was to give them away to a Ukrainian orphanage.

Talking more in detail about what he gave away, Elton said:

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Internet Raises $65k For Orphanage And Man Who Protected It During Machete Fight

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omari kenya orphanage

And people think the internet is evil.. pshhh..

Meet Omari (above, obvs). His mother cares for 25 orphans at an orphanage in Kenya.

When a gang of thugs decided to creep on up to attack the place, Omari acted as their white knight, protecting them from the evils of the world.

Unfortunately, he got a boo boo in the fight. They sliced his face open with a machete. As you can see in the photo though, he is well on his way to recovery thanks to some awesome doctors with stitches.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that gang attacks are very common, and Omari feared it wouldn't be his last.

So what does the internet do? It posts a pic of Omari and the story to ask for donations. If they can just build a strong enough wall around the land, they could live in peace.

They needed $2,000. They got $65,000.

Wow. We are in awe. It's so wonderful knowing how compassionate the power of the internet can be.

Omari and the children will use the extra money for food and supplies. We think they might just be the richest orphanage in Kenya now,

Wouldn't it be cool if they bought walls for other orphanages too??

[Image via IMGUR.]

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Madonna Expands Charity Efforts For Orphans In Malawi

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Madonna Malawi charity

After recently adopting another child from Malawi, 4-year-old girl Mercy, Madonna has made a vow to make a difference in MORE Malawian children's lives.

No, she's not adopting anymore (yet), but she is building a new care center for orphans in the South African country on top of donating money to other orphanages in the area.

In an upcoming episode of American Revolutionaries: The Hitmakers, a new three-week docu-series airing in July, Madonna shared:

"My short term goals are to build an orphan care center that will service and reach at least 1,000 children and I'm also actively involved in funding several orphanages that already exist."

Those orphans are lucky to have someone who cares so much! This is why we love this woman, folks.

Thanks for sharing your wealth with others in the world who are in desperate need of it, Madonna!

[Image via WENN.]

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Is Madge Planning To Adopt Again?!

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It's a possibility!

Sources close to Madonna are reporting that the Material Girl is planning a trip over to Malawi before the holidays, and that although she's not sure she's ready to expand her family quite yet, she has been in touch with an orphanage - because little Mercy wants a younger sibling!

The insider says:

"Madonna likes nothing more than rolling up her sleeves and shoving her paws down a blocked well. She likes to do her bit. When she adopted David she promised his dad she'd stay in touch and visit often. While Mercy Grace is pleading for another little brother or sister, Madge is not sure she's quite ready but she's kept the door open and been in touch with the orphanage. She has big plans to raise money, including a possible charity concert next year."


We're always so impressed with her commitment to helping the people of Malawi!

And adopting another child is certainly something not to be taken lightly, so we're glad that she's put some serious thought into it!

What do you think?? Should Madge expand her brood?

[Image via WENN.]

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NBC Teams Up With Jamie Foxx, Selma Blair, And One Of The Sopranos

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jamie foxx and crew team up with nbc for new tv show

Looks like this could be a very promising one!

NBC will be picking up Jamie Foxx's new dramatic series Tommy's Little Girl, which stars Selma Blair, Paul Sorvino, Tony Sirico, and James Russo.

Impressive cast! The idea is being described as La Femme Nikita meets The Sopranos meets Awesome.

The story is about a young girl raised in a mafia family, who gets sent to an orphanage to hide after her family is killed. When she grows up, she becomes "an attorney by day, and a deadly, well trained killer by night." She seeks to avenge her family's murder, and searches for her last living relative.

We'll def be checking this out when it airs.

Does this type of show appeal to you? Will U check it out when it premieres?

[Image via WENN.]

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Whitney Port Visits An Orphanage In Africa

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Whitney Port took some time off her show "The City" to visit an orphanage in Liberia.

Whitney explains that the orphanage was started by a reverend and his wife who took in 38 children abandoned during the war. "They are the definition of angels. We were sung to, spoken to and showered with love.”

Whitney seems to be getting more involved in worldly issues, since she also just participated in a fundraiser in Dubai to raise money to build a new compound for the community.

We think this is great! Keep it up Whit!

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