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Farmer Gets Kungfu Kicked By Baby Cow

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You may be strong, young warrior….but taste his HOOVES OF FURY!!!!!


A young cow does NOT want to go inside a wagon and you wouldn't like it when he's angry.

Just ask this farmer (above). After he pushes and shoves the youngster too many times, what does he get for his rudeness???

A swift back kick to the jewels!!!!!

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Cat Hair-ball Necklace

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cat necklace

This would be a lovely Christmas gift for that Aunt you hate.

Artist Flora Davis seeks to transform "simple, plain components into beautiful objects." As such, the necklace above made out of fur her cat had shed, certainly fits the bill.

The product's Etsy description is as follows:

This unique necklace is for individuals drawn to the quirky. It is a conversation piece.

The hair was collected during grooming sessions from my indoor, purebred Ragamuffin cat. His hair is very soft; almost rabbit like when touched. It took many grooming sessions to collect the hair, then more time to felt it into solid round balls.

Look below for a awesome pic of the cat wearing the necklace!

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An Old Couch Can Kill Your Pet!

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death couch

Oh no!

According to a new study, chemical flame retardants used to make pre-2004 furniture and other items can enter the blood stream of dogs.

The chemicals, which have been linked to environmental and human health effects, are present in the blood of pet dogs at concentrations that are five to 10 times higher than amounts measured in people.

Prior research also determined that flame retardants absorb into the bloodstream of cats.

Even though they've been around for quite awhile, we don't know too much about these compounds' toxicological effects on humans or animals.

You might wanna save for new furniture - for your dog's sake.

[Image via WENN.]

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Sex And The City Author Recovering After Thrown Off A Horse

Filed under: Horses

Candace Bushnell off the horse


Candace Bushnell shrugged off a pelvis injury sustained when she was thrown from a horse to celebrate her book, Summer and the City at a party Monday night.

Bushnell, who looked in fine form in a bandage dress and heels, said,

"I was doing dressage on this muscular horse. It started bucking, and I had to make the choice to come off. I cracked my pelvis, and spent two nights in the hospital. I couldn't walk for a few weeks. . . but I am still getting back on the horse."

We hope this makes it into her next book Sex and the Injury

[Image via WENN.]

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Cat Survives Arrow Through The Head

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You know those hats that make you look like there's an arrow through going through your head weird old guys think are funny?

Yeah, this isn't one of those.

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Rare Video: Tiger Gives Birth

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It's the circle of (tiger) life…..

Warning: do not watch while eating!

Birth is beautiful, but a bit messy.

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