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Emma Watson Defends J.K. Rowling's Thoughts On Harry & Hermione While Revealing What She Really Meant, Which Will Leave You More Confused!

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J.K. Rowling may have ticked off a few Muggles when she admitted that she really wanted Harry Potter and Hermione to end up together!

While this news would totally make Ron throw up slugs, Emma Watson, who actually conducted the interview with J.K., came to her defense!

In an interview last night on the Oscars' red carpet, Emma said that, just like what might happen in an interview with Rita Skeeter, J.K.'s words were misinterpreted:

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Gotye Chimes In On Nasty Glee Remarks!


Gotye is now calling Darren Criss an a**hole?!!

Oh, we jest! Well, he technically did… but not in a BAD way.

At an intimate radio session in El Lay yesterday, Gotye attempted to explain away his anti-GLEE remarks concerning the Darren Criss & Matt Bomer cover of his mega-hit, Somebody I Used To know.

If you are unaware of the contentious remarks, he essentially insulted the GLEE sound and seemed to call our beloved Darren Criss ‘dinky’.

BUT, apparently (as is so often the case) Gotye insists his remarks were taken out of context:

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Rooney Mara Says Her Law & Order Comments Were Taken 'Out Of Context!'

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rooney mara on law and order comments

We're not 100% sure how these quotes could have been taken out of context…but we're listening!

Last week, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's Rooney Mara opened up about her first role, which was a guest spot on Law & Order, and she had less-than-positive things to say about it.

She had reportedly called the role "so awful" and "so stupid" because her character beat up "fat people" and Rooney felt that people wouldn't actually beat someone up because they're fat…which of course is bullshiz. Unfortunately that kind of thing DOES happen. Too much.

Now, Rooney has opened up about her L & O comments, and she's claiming that she was

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