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The Kardashian Family Reportedly Wants Lamar Odom OUT

khloe kardashian lamar odom family out

It's gotta be one of the hardest things in the world to see a family member put to the test by being married to someone who is allegedly spiraling out of control. At what point do you stop offering help, and start looking out for the best interest of the family?

We don't have that answer. What we do know is that a source close to the Kardashian family is saying that they're done with trying to help, and now they want Lamar OUT.

Substance abuse, DUIs, cheating allegations — they would stress any family unit out to the max. While it seems like Khloe is making every attempt to save her marriage and trying to be positive, the family has other ideas!

According to the source, the exile is being

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Miley Cyrus' Raunchy VMA Performance Causes Her Management To Freak Out!

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miley cyrus vma 2013 1

Ruh roh!!!!

No one was ready for Miley Cyrus' bizerk performance last night at the VMAs, not even Miley's own team!!!

Miley's definitely destroyed any last remnant of her sweet Disney Channel image, but her management thinks she went a bit too far with her XXX rendition of We Can't Stop.

A source spilled:

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Justin Bieber's Mom Can't Keep Him Under Control, She Reveals!

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In her own words!

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Selena Gomez Is Hitting IGNORE When Justin Bieber Calls

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justin bieber selena gomez calls ignored

Boy is being sent to voicemail!

Poor Justin Bieber just can’t seem to get it together these days.

And sounds like Selena Gomez is laughing AT him, not with him.

While he’s going through some sort of growth spurt puberty teenage rebellion, he seems to be falling apart at the seams.

But at least he’s trying to regain his sanity by reaching out to the one person who used to keep him under control.

Unfortunately, Selenita wants nothing to do with his antics no matter how many times she sees him shirtless.

And there have been plenty!

The Biebs has been calling his former one and only, but it’s getting him nowhere as a source revealed:

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Selena Gomez Was The One Keeping Justin Bieber Under Control! Bye Bye Well-Behaved Bieber!

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selena gomez justin bieber control wild behavior

You think Justin Bieber has been a tad bit wild lately?

Well, it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon!

The Biebs might seem like he's reacting to his devastating teenage heartbreak due to his wrecked romance with Selena Gomez, but this oddball behavior might have been in him all along.

According to sources, the only reason we haven’t seen the shirtless, Twitter complaining, late concert giving, sad birthday boy side before is because Selenita kept that shizz in check!

A source revealed his team needed Selena to make the magic that is Justin happen:

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Miley Cyrus Is Falling Apart Without Liam Hemsworth!

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miley cyrus falls apart when liam hemsworth isnt with her

We were a little suspicious when Miley Cyrus kept popping up on the interwebz smokin’ that ganja, but now we may know why!

The starlet seems to fall apart when her other half, Liam Hemsworth, isn’t around.

We can’t blame her, because if we couldn’t see that hunk of man every day we’d be a little upset too!

Miley’s family and friends have said that her behavior is “worrying more and more people in her camp.”

And us too!!!

When he’s around, she’s totally stable, but when her fiance goes off to work, she goes cray cray! The insider also said:

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Ashlee Simpson Going CRAZY With The Booze?!

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ashlee simpson drinking out of control rumor

Ooo this sounds bad!

It's been a pretty rough slew of months for Ashlee Simpson.

Not only did her parents split, rumors of her father's secret love for the boys reportedly threw her and sister Jessica in a tizzy of confusion.

And THEN she broke up with Vincent Piazza!

So to cope with all the emotional chaos, an eyewitness says she's been going crazy with the cocktails!

After seeing her go wild at Pink Taco

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