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Billie Joe Armstrong's Rehab Stay Won't Affect Voice Appearance!



Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong will still appear as Christina Aguilera's rockin' mentor on The Voice despite his recent admittance into rehab!

Billie kinda freaked us out when he let a deluge of expletives pour from his mouth at this weekend's iHeartRadio Fest, but it seems the aggressive outburst was part of some larger problem, which Mr. Armstrong is now addressing in a rehab facility.

Thankfully, all of Billie's Voice segments with team Xtina were pre-taped this summer before any of this nasty ish occurred.

We hope you shake allll your devils off that leather-clad back of yours, Billie!

And congrats to those Dookie-lovin' boys on TODAY's release of ¡Uno!, their first album in the highly anticipated ¡Uno!,¡Dos!, ¡Tré! musical trilogy!

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Reporter Apologizes For Trying To Kiss Will Smith!

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Hopefully everyone can just write this one off as one of those misunderstandings that got lost in translation!

There's been quite a bit of hooplah in the media regarding Will Smith's recent outburst on the red carpet at the Moscow premiere of Men In Black III when he slapped a reporter for trying to kiss him, and now, the man responsible is speaking out…and would like to apologize to the actor for his behavior!

Ukrainian journalist Vitalii Sediuk explains:

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Nicki Minaj Has Another Outburst - This Time At Her Facialist!

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What on Earth is going on with Nicki Minaj?

After her alleged bizarre freak-out on a former maid recently, another woman has come forward to reveal that the rapper was verbally abusive to her - this time celebrity facialist Dawn DaLuise, who claims that after she waxed her eyebrows and lip, was NEVER treated so badly in her life!

She explains:

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Derek Hough Was 'Extremely Surprised' By Maks' Fiery Words On DWTS

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We don't blame you, Derek! It was pretty dramarrific!

As we mentioned before, Dancing with the Stars contestant Maksim Chmerkovskiy started up some dramz (above) after he received an unenthusiastic response from the judges for his rumba performance with Hope Solo.

Now, Derek Hough has opened up about Maks' DWTS incident. Here's what he had to say about it:

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Chris Brown Throws Another Homophobic, Hate-Filled Temper Tantrum In Vegas!

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Chris Brown once again acted like a petulant, entitled, homophobic child with serious aggression issues?!

You don't say!

That's right, the singer once again put his best foot forward while pAArtying at a Vegas nightclub last night, and according to an eyewitness present, he once again dropped a particularly not-so-pleasant, extremely offensive gay slur at the bouncers - and apparently, all for no reason!

The source explains:

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Chris Brown Blames GMA For His Outburst

chris brown blames gma for his outburst

Way to NOT take responsibility for your own actions, Chris!

For the past couple of days, Chris Brown has been all over the news for his outburst on Good Morning America.

Instead of issuing a proper apology, Brown is placing the majority of the blame on GMA, claiming he was "thrown off" by the questions, and that Rihanna was brought up to "exploit" him.

With regards to his backstage freak out, Brown claims he did it "to release the anger that I had inside me," and then added the too-little-too-late apology "I got very emotional and I apologize for that."

What happened with Rihanna happened, and it's unrealistic for you to imagine that it will NEVER come up during an interview ever again, Chris. As we said before, people don't forget. You'd be better off looking for ways to help people forgive your past actions, instead of just ignoring them.

And once again, take responsibility for your actions! As if Good Morning America has nothing better to do than exploit you….

Do U agree with Chris? Is Good Morning America at fault AT ALL for his outburst?

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Chris Brown Approved Rihanna Questions Before GMA Interview!

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Of course he did! They never would have asked him about it if he hadn't given his "ok" beforehand! That's what makes it so infuriating!

This morning, Chris Brown lost his temper after his Good Morning America interview and trashed his dressing room in a violent rage. Apparently, he became angry when Robin Roberts began their interview by asking him about his violent past with Rihanna.

However, sources report that Robin was given the go-ahead to ask these questions by Chris himself. Before the cameras even started rolling, GMA staffers went to Chris to get his permission to "a few questions" about the Rihanna incident and Chris agreed.

So, then, what's your problem, Chris? You obviously originally believed it was a good idea to touch on the topic. In fact, we would've applauded you for talking about it, had you not lashed out, because it would've proven that you're the type of man who owns up to actions and realizes the severity of what you did.

But now…respect LOST! This was severely uncalled for behavior. You really should be ashamed of yourself.

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