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Who's The Bo$$? Fifth Harmony Is In Their New Confidence-Inspiring Music Video! Watch HERE!

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OH SNAP! We love us some Fifth Harmony, so it's no surprise that we're outrageously obsessed with this video.

The video for Bo$$ is incredibly badass, oh, and SUPER confidence-inducing!

What did you expect, though? The song IS all about empowering yourself to, basically, be a boss-ass b*tch!

Hence why they're wearing those scandalously sexXxXy outfits and promoting being confident in yourself!

We can dig it! You tell 'em, girls! What are you waiting for? Hit play (above)!!!

P.S. Don't forget to check out the girls in their EXCLUSIVE performance for us HERE!

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Benedict Cumberbatch Plus Frozen Creates The Most HIGHlarious GIF Mashup We Never Knew Was Possible!

Sherlock Holmes Frozen mashup gifs tumblr amazing hilarious!

LOLOLOLz!! SOO many similarities!

What do Disney's Frozen & Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes have in common?

Well, apparently, they're both ice royalty!

With Elsa being a magical ice queen & Sherlock being the king of isolation from everyone (except John Watson aka Martin Freeman), the similarities are endless.

And we're not the only ones who noticed!

Tumblr user SherlockSpeare decided to take those similarities to the next level and created the most ridiculous GIF mashup we've ever seen.

Ch-ch-check out the outrageous mashup…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Hi Fashion Thrusts A Perfectly Proportioned PUPUSA In Our Mouth Ear & We LOVE It! Try A Delicious Bite HERE!

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Pah-PU-sa! Pah-PU-sa!

You love Pupusas!! They're delicious — who doesn't? We're sure your weekend plans include sticking a few of those tasty meat-filled bad boys into your mouth!

Here's another idea: Stick Hi Fashion's PUPUSA into your ear instead?

Ch-ch-check out their outrageously awesome new vid (above)!

OMG!!! We love it!!

This dynamic duo behind Hi Fashion did it again! We absolutely adore their AH-Mazing sounds and style!!

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Janet Jackson Suing Vanity Fair Over "Outrageous" Michael Jackson Burial Story

Janet Jackson Suing vanity fair

Oh heeeell nooo!

Janet Jackson is PISSED at Vanity Fair over an article they recently published claiming Michael Jackson's funeral was delayed due to Janet's greed! The article insists that Janet demanded that the ceremony not take place until MJ's estate reimbursed her for the $40K burial-plot deposit she gave to the cemetery, which took close to three months!

Janet has come to expect this crap from tabloids — but NOT from a more reputable source like V.F.!

Mizz Jackson's lawyer says this story is so "untrue" and completely "outrageous," adding:

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The Last Supper Of The Expendables! Check Out The Action Sequel's CONTROVERSIAL New Poster HERE!


Well, we imagine that THIS is certainly going to get quite a few people's panties in a TWIST!

But it's also going to get just as many others -including US - PUMPED!

Promotion for the upcoming sequel to Sylvester Stallone's 2010 testosterone-fest, The Expendables, is furiously underway, and the latest one-sheet for the second addition, which beefs up the roles of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis from the first and adds Liam Hemsworth to the line-up, has just dropped!

And YES, it is one BADASS re-invention of the classic painting The Last Supper featuring guns, skulls, and BOOZE!

Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

Somehow, we're not entirely sure that this is what Leonardo Da Vinci had in mind when he painted the original! LOLz!

But either way, we're pretty OBSESSED!

What do U think? Does it go too far … or should there be more grenade launchers in this bad boy?

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Outrageous Celebs At The Grammys

outrageous celebs at the grammys

It's perfectly normal to bring a Pope look-alike to an awards show.

And we're NOT being sarcastic at all! Nope! Not at all…………


CLICK HERE to view a gallery of OUTRAGEOUS celebs at the Grammys!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to view a gallery of OUTRAGEOUS celebs at the Grammys!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to view a gallery of OUTRAGEOUS celebs at the Grammys!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to view a gallery of OUTRAGEOUS celebs at the Grammys!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to view a gallery of OUTRAGEOUS celebs at the Grammys!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to view a gallery of OUTRAGEOUS celebs at the Grammys!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to view a gallery of OUTRAGEOUS celebs at the Grammys!!!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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The Haunting Of Whitney Houston

This is unsettling. This is creepy. This will keep us from watching The Bodyguard for the rest of our lives!

But if you close your eyes, you'd swear it was Whitney Houston singing I Will Always Love You underneath the witch doctor getup!

If you dare, let your eyes and ears be haunted by the sights and sounds of this Filipino boy competeing on Showtime, a Filipino game show. (above)

Make sure to stick around for the birthing scene! That's the kicker that will land your ass in therapy for MONTHS!

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