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Justin Timberlake And Jay-Z's Legends of the Summer Tour Outsells Kanye West's!

justin timberlake kanye west tour outselling

Uh oh! Kanye West is not going to be happy about this!

The always outspoken and never disappointing rapper wasn’t shy about his feelings towards the recent Justin Timberlake-Jay-Z collaboration on JT’s The 20/20 Experience. But this latest piece of news might just blow things through the roof, HA!

It turns out that the Jay-Z/JT Legends of the Summer tour is outselling the Jay-Z/Kanye Watch the Throne tour 5 to 1 within the first three weeks!!

Holyyyy. Good for you, JT!

May the fun and games dramz continue!

[Image via Brian To/DJDM/WENN.]

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GLEE's Teenage Dream Is Expected To Top The Charts!

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WOW! This is HUGE!

According to the Billboard Charts, Darren Criss' AMAZING cover of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream on Glee this week is expected to sell from 150,000 to 175,000 downloads on iTunes, which would make it the single-best sales week for a single from the series - even better than the current number one - Don't Stop Believin' by Journey!

Holy shiz!


If Criss weren't secured a regular spot already, he'll DEFINITELY be getting one now!

Congratulations, bb!

And if you haven't already watched it a hundred times already - like us - then check out the performance (above)!


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The Prostitution Whore Wants Her 'Stolen' Sex Tape To Outsell Kendra's!


A-ha! The Grinch speaks!

As we all know, The Real Housewives of New Jersey's very own sociopath and prostitution whore, Danielle Staub, made a sex tape a while back that's being distributed by Hustler in a few weeks.

Like any mentally unstable famewhore, she's speaking out about the entire debacle, and is truly convincing when she claims that it was stolen and released without her consent!

She says:

"It was stolen. Then I just decided, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. What am I left to do? This isn't something I chose to have released, but it's out there, and there's nothing I can do about it."

Well doesn't she just sound devastated? LOLZ!

And as if that isn't insane enough, she goes on to compare her tape to Kendra's:

"I haven't seen hers. I haven't seen mine, either, but … if it's going to do anything, I would hope it does better."

But of course!

We can't even laugh at this shiz, because we're chilled to the bone by the numbing reality that there are two children in this world who have to look at that HOrrific woman and address her as mom!

So depressing.

[Image via WENN.]

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