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Study Shows Links Between Fructose And Overeating

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Researchers at Yale University have scanned brains and the results are alarming!

Scans of the human brain have shown that fructose, a monosaccharide found in everything from fruit to chicken nuggets, can trigger brain function that leads to overeating.

So even though you may be full - this ingredient will trick your brain into thinking you aren't hungry, yet!

It's tricky, tricky, tricky!

Here's what one researcher said:

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QuickFit Tip Of The Day

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After work, my friends like going out to dinner. To avoid overeating late in the day, I start with a salad packed with veggies to control hunger and help me feel satisfied sooner.

- Kitchen conscious food lover, Caitlin Cooks

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Tips To Avoid Overeating At Holiday Parties

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Amanda Garbutt Pic

Christmas time means lots of presents, but not all of them are good — especially extra pounds!

A FitPerez reader wants some tips to avoid recieving that unwanted gift from their body and wrote Amanda Garbutt from The Hot Plate for advice, asking:

Christmas parties are coming up and that's when I pack on the pounds. Do you have any tips to avoid overeating at holiday parties?

According to Amanda:

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Lisa DeFazio's Tips To Having A Healthy Fourth Of July!

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It's soooo easy to go overboard on summer holidays like the Fourth of July.

With so much temptation around, FitPerez.com's celebrity nutritionist Lisa DeFazio has some helpful tips to keep you on the right track this Independence Day.

Lisa says:

- Choose healthier, leaner grilling options. Instead of high fat burgers and hot dogs, try chicken or turkey sausage, ground chicken or turkey burgers, and grilled chicken burgers.

- Buy low fat sides. Save calories by choosing baked chips, pretzels, fresh fruit and salads. Avoid potato salad, cole slaw, and regular chips.

- Condiments add up in calories! Cut back on a few hundred calories by using low fat mayo, low fat thousand island (great on burgers!), and low fat cheese.

- Beverages and booze turn to fat just like food! Drink your alcohol slowly. Calories are calories. Choose light beers, diet sodas, and low cal margaritas.

- Drink 8oz of water after each alcoholic beverage.

- If you overeat, get back on track the next day!

Awesome tips! See? You can still enjoy a summer cookout with friends and family without overindulging.

Have a happy, safe, AND healthy Fourth!

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Can A Person Be Addicted To Food?

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is overeating an addiction

The short answer is yes, there is a connection between addiction and overeating.

According to a survey done in 2001 and 2002, adults with alcoholism in their family were 30 to 40% more likely to be obese than adults whose families had no history of alcoholism.

Washington University's Dr. Richard A. Grucza says that the reason for the connection between alcoholism and overating “is the nature of the food we eat, and its tendency to appeal to the sorts of reward systems, which are the parts of the brain implicated in addiction.”

Dr. Grucza believes that foods loaded with sugar, salt, and fat can be especially harmful to people who have a "predisposition for addiction."

FDA commissioner Dr. David Kessler has referred to these types of foods as "hyperpalatable," and he says they're more likely to be eaten in excess than healthier foods such as vegetables.

On a more scientific level, Dr. Kessler has written about the ability for "hyperpalatable" foods, such as fast-food, to alter brain chemistry, and trigger neurological responses that bring about further cravings for food.

On an EVEN MORE scientific level, these types of foods can stimulate the brain and cause it to release dopamine, which is a "neurotransmitter associated with the pleasure center" of the brain.

Basically, obese people associate these unhealthy foods with pleasurable feelings, and eat in excess in an effort to maintain that good feeling.

Sounds like it's not 100% straightforward, but there are most definitely connections between people with addictions to substances and people who overeat.

[Image via AP Images.]

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