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Gym, Tanning, And CATS?! The Sitch And PETA Team Up To Stop Overpopulation

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Fist pump…for the cats and dogs!!!

The Situation and PETA have tag-teamed to help inform the world about the need to fix their pets. Shelters are continually overcrowded by cats and dogs who are abandoned by their owners.

So, it's time for us to make sure there's no more loose pussies walking the streets!!!

Hear what The Sitch has to say about fixing your pets AFTER THE JUMP!


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Navajo Nation's Dog Overpopulation Leads To Increasing Attacks

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New Vicious Dog Ordinance

The Navajo Nation, which stretches across Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, has an estimated 445,000 stray dogs.

The growing problem with Navajo dogs is that they are becoming so overpopulated, they are left to fend for themselves, fighting for food and becoming aggressive with other animals and people.

In New Mexico, a 55-year-old man was found lying on the side of the road with a pack of dogs mauling him. Emergency workers chased the dogs away, but the pack, with their ribs sticking out, kept circling around them.

Wildlife and animal control manager Kevin Gleason says:

"They kill everything. Cats, dogs, cattle, sheep, horses. We've also had people severely injured by them. We've had people with horrendous bites. We just had a case … where a man lost 37 sheep to a pack of dogs.

We have that going on all the time. Our officers respond to more than 25 bite cases a month, and 25 livestock damage cases a month.

You look at the Sundance area where that gentleman was killed, we went in and removed 79 dogs after that and it looked like we never touched it."

The saddest part is that animal control just can't deal with the huge number of daily cases.

Dogs are found roaming along highways, restaurants, gas stations, parking lots, or wherever they may find food. Just between last October and April, 2,332 dogs were picked up. Only 79 were adopted and 313 were released back to their owners. The rest were unfortunately euthanized.

Spokesman for Best Friends Animal Society John Polis says that outsiders come into the tribal areas and "step on toes." He adds:

"A lot of people think they should round them up and take them off. But a lot of them are people's pets. Sometimes people take a dog and we tell them you are stealing."

Meanwhile, Lakota Animal Care Project's Virginia Ravndal says:

"We don't have a big problem with (attacks on people) although we do occasionally have dogs that are hungry and will pack up and kill young livestock. Probably a bigger issue for us is disease, starvation and freezing. Mange is a huge problem. And going into South Dakota winters without hair, a lot of dogs don't make it.

Animals are our relations and no one should go hungry, no one should go cold, no one should be sick."

We agree 100%. These animals deserve a second chance. As well as the Navajo Nation, which deserves to have more programs to help with overpopulation and socializing the "Rez Dogs."

For more information about Virginia's Animal Care Project, CLICK HERE< /strong>.

[Image via WENN.]

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Cats Invade Small Kentucky City

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1800 people live in Taylorsville, Kentucky, but the human population is being rivaled by a growing feline population.

While the mice population may be down, the unusually high number of stray cats have angry residents making regular calls to Mayor Don Pay, who explains:

"The issue that we have in Taylorsville and Spencer County is that our Humane Society contract only deals with dogs, but it doesn't have any provisions in there for the cat overpopulation problems."

Instead, he plans to round the cats up and take them to a nearby city to work with the organization Alley Cat Advocates to get them all spayed and neutered, then bring them back.

That's one solution, but hopefully the organization can help get some of these kitties adopted too!

What do U think Taylorsville should do about their cat population problem?

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Endangered Species Condoms

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Endangered species condoms

Finally! Have sex for a cause!

In an effort to raise awareness about the destructive repercussions of overpopulation and overconsumption on both endangered species and their habitats, 600 volunteers for the Center for Biological Diversity handed out Endangered Species Condoms on New Year's Eve.

Why New Year's Eve?

New Year's Eve is one of the most popular days of the year for condom use, so why not pass out a few that can benefit endangered animals!

50,000 of the Endangered Species Condoms were sent to volunteers to hand out to those celebrating and welcoming 2011.

There are 6 different packages with original artwork and slogans with 6 different endangered species appearing on the condoms.

Click here for more information on the organization's cause and campaign.

What do U think of the unique approach to activism? Did U have sex for a cause this New Year?

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