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Lindsay Lohan Said She Was Almost Cast In The Avengers, But We Don't Know If We Believe The Source (FYI: It's Lindsay)


On OWN's docu-series Lindsay this Sunday, Lindsay Lohan gave us all news that you will Marvel at!

According to her she was up for a role in The Avengers movie, but because her manager didn't push for her to get the role, they chose an unknown for the part!

Umm… what?! Who the hells was an unknown cast in a pivotal role? Was it even a pivotal role? Was it even the Avengers???

We wonder what role she was up for? We don't remember any super hero in the film with the power to crash cars into things (and escape most jail time)! Oh, we kid, we kid.

In the episode, Lilo seemed mad as the Hulk about her lack of movie roles:

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Badass Momma Alert! Kate Winslet Performed Her Own Stunts For Divergent! While Pregnant!

divergent star kate winslet performed all stunts while pregnant 2

She isn't your average movie star!

Kate Winslet's role in the movie Divergent required a lot of top-notch acting from Kate which she easily delivered!

Some of her scenes, though, also required stunts! So guess what??

She chose to do them herself!!

That's badass and all, but did we mention the fact that she was pregnant with her third child at the time? Because she was!

The book's author Veronica Roth and the movie's director Neil Burger talked a little bit about it this past Tuesday at the movie's premiere in Los Angeles.

Here's what Roth said:

"It's pretty funny because she was pregnant when we were shooting, but she wanted to do her own stunt falls. She did a couple. She's you know, very careful about it, and then finally Neil Burger was like, 'Okay I'm too nervous – you can't do this anymore.' She was like, you know, taking-charge lady – she powers through. It's really impressive."

Neil Burger admits that he did have to tell Winslet to slow down once he learned she was pregnant. He said:

"We had to refit all of her wardrobe, but then there is a scene where she fights and she was like, you know, taking the falls and I'm like, 'Stop, you're pregnant.' But she was still wanting to do it with as much action. She's a committed actress and she's a committed mother, too. But she is just completely there, and you kind of just have to stop her."

But that commitment is what makes her such a great actress according to the director! Mr. Burger had some very glowing words about Kate indeed! He said:

"She really is, from my mind, the best actress of her generation, and … there's a reason. She's a pro. She's completely present."

It all worked out as Kate welcomed a very healthy boy named Bear, and now has an awesome movie coming out on Friday!

The legend of Kate Winslet just keeps on growing!

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Uh-Oh, LiLo! Lindsay Lohan's Reality Show Flops In The Ratings! Don't Believe Us? Compare Her OWN Numbers To La Toya Jackson's!!!

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lindsay lohan lied to own

But, but, but…Lindsay Lohan was supposed to be a big help to OWN!

We’re not sure WHAT is wrong with America to not watch last night’s big debut of Lindz’s show on Oprah Winfrey’s network, but these numbers don’t lie!

LiLo’s ratings were far from phenomenal!

The first episode of Lindsay earned only 693,000 viewers!

And while that’s the best unscripted premiere for the cable station in 2014, it’s not even close to their biggest show so far.

Lohan’s docu-series comes in third in the demo behind Iyanla: Fix My Life and Life with La Toya!

Oof. Beat by La Toya Jackson?

We’re not sure if that’s a great way to start. But OWN network prexy Erik Logan tried to put a positive spin on Lindsay’s first night, saying:

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Lindsay Lohan: Get Ready For Her Docu-series With The Star's Most Quotable Moments!

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lindsay lohan oprah docu series starts

Get your popcorn ready folks, because we've got some serious TV to watch tonight!

Lindsay Lohan's OWN docu-series, simply titled Lindsay, will be airing tonight on Oprah's TV network!

But what are we going to do until 9pm?!

Re-live all of her best moments through her quotes of course!

So, sit back, get your mouse ready, and dive into the world of LiLo!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, Lindsay Lohan: In Her Own Words!!!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, Lindsay Lohan: In Her Own Words!!!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, Lindsay Lohan: In Her Own Words!!!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, Lindsay Lohan: In Her Own Words!!!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, Lindsay Lohan: In Her Own Words!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Did You Know There Is An Adorable Hidden Disclaimer At The End Of Frozen?!

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Disney is the master of throwing AH-Mazing Easter eggs into everything they do, and Frozen is no exception!

In the final credits of the film, this adorable disclaimer pops up stating the following:

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Russell Brand & Oprah Take A Serious Turn & Delve Into The Sad Reality Of Heroin & Philip Seymour Hoffman's Passing


From documenting LiLo's daily drama to turning in BAFTA-nominated performances, Oprah Winfrey has certainly kept herself busy since announcing her quasi-retirement!

And things promise to get even more intense this Sunday when she sits down to interview Russell Brand on Oprah Prime!!!

(In case you're confused, her show used to be called Oprah's Next Chapter but this weekend it's undergoing a re-branding. A re-BRANDing, get it? Ha!)

We know what you're thinking: Katy Perry's kooky ex-husband is HIGHlarious! Any interview with that British bloke must be a real knee-slapper, right?

Nope, not so much!

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Cancel Your Plans! Lindsay Lohan Will Be Dishing With Jimmy Fallon Before Her OWN Show Premieres!

lindsay lohan jimmy fallon 580

Before we get a look at Lindsay Lohan's cray OWN docu-series Lindsay this weekend, we're going to get one more interview!

No, it's not with Oprah! LiLo is coming to The Tonight Show!

Thursday night's episode will be Lindsay's first late night interview since The Late Show last April.

Nicest-guy-on-Earth Jimmy Fallon isn't likely to throw as many hardballs as David Letterman, but it should still be some must-see TV!

Will Lindsay be on her best behavior? We can't wait to find out!

P.S. - Have you watched the JAW DROPPING trailer for Sunday's premiere? If not, CLICK HERE!!!!

[Image via NBC.]

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