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Emma Watson Gets The OK From Boyfriend Matthew Janney's Second Momma!

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emma watson boyfriend parents approve matthew janney

Well, this didn't take too long!

They just started dating, but it seems like Matthew Janney's family is head over heels in love with Hermione Granger Emma Watson already!

Is there some sort of sorcery going on here?!

LOLz! We are totes kidding, who wouldn't love Emmma?!

Coralie Day, the woman who took in the rugby player after his mother passed away, gushed over the news of Matt's new beau. She said:

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Emma Watson gets the approval from Matthew Janney's parents!Emma Watson gets the approval from Matthew Janney's parents!Emma Watson gets the approval from Matthew Janney's parents!Emma Watson gets the approval from Matthew Janney's parents!

Donatella Versace: I Want To Dress The Queen In Black Leather


If only!

Donatella Versace recently spoke at Oxford University where she revealed a few fun tidbits about what she'd like to do with the Queen's fashion and a story about meeting jewelry aficionado Elizabeth Taylor.

She told the students about how she would like to shake things up a bit in Buckingham Palace.

Donatella said:

"I’d like to dress the Queen. She can handle anything. Maybe in black with a little leather, a little rock ’n’ roll."

But, the funniest story involved a ring that Liz was admiring. She tried the piece of jewelry on, but somehow managed to never give it back - except for sending the following note:

"Hey darling, the ring is so beautiful. Thank you so much!"

LOLz! Oh, Liz! Only she could get away with that!

[Image via WENN.]

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Adele Music Helps Surgery Patients Get Well

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Adele music surgery study

Feeling under the weather? Get well with Adele!

A study has found that surgery patients listening to tunes like Someone Like You have less anxiety about the operation AND as a result of being calmer, "recover more quickly."

John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford examined the stress levels of 96 patients and found levels in those listening to enjoyable music were 29% lower than those laying in silence. Study leader Hazim Sadideen explained:

"Undergoing surgery can be a stressful experience for patients and finding ways of making them more comfortable should be our goal as clinicians. There are also good medical reasons — calmer patients may cope better with pain and recover more quickly."

Sometimes music, just like laughter, really is the best medicine.

[Image via WENN.]

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The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits The Childrenz


It's time again for Kate Middleton's "Tour Tuesday".

Today the Duchess of Cambridge visited the Rose Hill primary school in Oxford wearing a cute Orla Kiely Birdie wool jacquard shirt dress, tights and ankle boots.

Kate's visit is in association with Art Room, one of the six charities she chose to support. The organization is aimed at children between the ages of 5-16 who are experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties and offers art therapy to increase their self-esteem, self-confidence and independence.

Sounds like an amazing program!

[Image via WENN.]

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Emma Watson On Her Return To Hogwarts Oxford

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emma watson talks school

We're proud of U, Emma!

Despite making all types of crazy Harry Potter money, Emma Watson has returned to school at Oxford…and she couldn't be happier about it!

Here's what the former Ms. Granger had to say about her semester at school thus far:

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So Long Hogwarts, Hello Brown! Emma Watson Returning To School

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emma watson returning to school

Brown students, rejoice! The Granger shall return! Ha!

Last we heard about Emma Watson and Brown University, she announced to the world that her decision to transfer out of Brown had NOTHING to do with being bullied.

Clearly she has only positive associations with the school, because now she's decided to

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All Glee Music, All The Time!

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A radio station in Oxford is taking a new direction with it's programming - they're gleeking out!

Targeted at the fans of the hit show, the once troubled student station FM107.9 is now becoming Glee FM. All day, a playlist of 80 songs all covered by Princess Lea Michele and her crew will play across the airwaves.

Program director Susan Carte says:

"The radio station had to keep to a remit that appeals to under 30s and we realized that to go for an all-Glee format completely fitted that…The response has been very divided. People are either in the Glee camp or they are not. Female listeners love it more than male. We will see how it goes. It is really in the hands of the listeners. We hope it will be very successful."

We think it might end up being a little fruitless and repetitive after awhile, but for right now, it might do fairly well. Plus, if they can get some of the Glee kids to call in every once and awhile, and maybe spice things up with the original songs that the show has covered, they might find some longevity.

Some, mind you. Not a lot.

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