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Ocean Plankton Might Decide The Future Of Earth's Climate

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Tiny little organisms called phytoplankton have a huge impact on Earth's climate.

They are single celled algae and they can soak up 45 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year!!

They provide half of the Earth's oxygen supply.

These creatures have trouble growing in parts of the ocean with low iron concentrations, which is about 30% of the ocean, therefore making it hard for the ocean to absorb more carbon dioxide.

Thankfully there are scientists looking into this, and how it can affect climate change.

One of the scientists explained:

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Sea Turtle Sleeps MJ Style - In A Hyperbaric Chamber

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Sea Turtle Undergoes Sleeps MJ Style - In A Hyperbaric Chamber

Crazy Sauce!!!

Last August, Kahuna was found near Hutchinson Island in South Florida with nearly 60 percent of her front left flipper missing and several deep lacerations on her right front flipper

Veterinarians at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, Florida, have spent the last nine months trying to rehabilitate her using antibiotics, vitamins and surgery.

Since none of that has helped her recovery Kahaua's vets are trying something new: hyperbaric oxygen therapy!

It's a treatment in which a patient, whether human or, in this case, turtle, breathes 100 percent oxygen intermittently while inside a pressurized treatment chamber (like Michael Jackson did for a while).

Although the science behind the success of hyperbaric therapy is not widely understood, it has been used to treat bone infections in humans and other animals, such as horses and pop stars.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Paris Hilton Gets A Pony From Secret Admirer

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Cause she doesn't have enough pets.

Here's another reason to watch Paris' new Oxygen reality series, The World According to Paris.

In the clip above, a friend answers Hilton's door only to find a fluffy white miniature pony. "A Beautiful Pony for a Beautiful Princess," reads the tag attached to a pink ribbon on the pony's head. "Love Always, Your Secret Admirer."

The pony is so cute, but how will she ever fit it in her purse???

Life is so tough for a heiress.

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Pet Oxygen Masks

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Love it.

The Denver fire department is not just in the business of saving human lives.

The city of Denver is outfitting dozens of its fire trucks with pet oxygen masks thanks to a donation from a company in Ohio.

They say the masks even work better on pets than human masks work on humans.

So far the pet masks have saved over 100 furry family members!

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Sexy/Cute Overload!!!!!!!!!

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Sexy/Cute Overload 2011


Seeing this firefighter give oxygen to this kitten makes us a little light headed….

Does anyone know if he's single?

We'll take either… or both!

Photo from: cuteoverload.com

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