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Grandma Shocked By The World's Outrage After Posting 'Joke' Photos Of Her Grandchild Duct Taped And Being Roasted With Potatoes

ohio grandma doesnt get why people were concerned after she posted photos of baby granddaughter on a roasting pan and one where little ones pacifier is duct taped to mouth


Jackie Sheaks of West Columbus, Ohio is a bit baffled these days after the Facebook photos she shared of her baby granddaughter went viral, but not for the reasons she would've liked them, too!

The controversial photos stirred up a firestorm amongst Sheaks' Facebook friends… and their friends… and their friends… over the disturbing nature of the shots that included the baby girl with a pacifier duct-taped to her mouth and one where the little babe was in a roasting pan with potatoes.

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10 Things Kids Love But Parents Love MORE

Kids Love Stuff

Let's face it. Parents don't love everything that their kids love.

Much of what is designed to appeal to children seems like it was designed to annoy adults!

But our friends at Babble have found a few things made for kids that their parents love even more:

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Do Pacifiers Stunt Boys' Emotional Development??

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The binky can be a life saving device for parents with fussy babies.

But a new study has found that using pacifiers might actually stunt boys' emotional growth!

Babies, before they can talk, communicate in non-verbal cues, and mimic the facial expressions and non-verbal cues of those around them.

The study had 6 and 7-year-old boys mimic the emotions of people in a video and found that

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Pacifier War Is On, Baby!

Ch-ch-check out this amazing video (above) as two babes duke it out to determine who will be the next lord of the pacifier.

It's a battle to the death, or at least nap time.

Who's gonna win??

Find out this time on… PACIFIER WAR!!!

P.S. Also watch if you love cute and adorable babies.

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Suri Cruise Still Has A Binky???

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Um, isn't she like almost five years old now? What's with the pacifier?!

Sunday, while Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise were enjoying an afternoon out in Vancouver, lil Suri was spotted sucking on pacifier and cuddling a teddy bear.

Mr. Bear is adorable, but we strongly feel the need to question why Suri is a growing toddler who's still attached to her binky! Don't they know that's bad for her mouth?! Her big girl teeth are almost on their way and studies have proven prolonged use of a pacifier can change the roof of a kid's mouth and cause problems down the line.

Oh, but wait…we forgot. They're Scientologists. That changes things. Oh sure, they believe in good dental hygiene, but they also believe in a different, let's say, brand of parenting. An insider explains:

"Suri just isn't told 'no' very often. Scientology encourages you to make your own decisions and learn lessons as you live your life. She'll know herself when it's time to throw the pacifier away, plain and simple."

Well, we hope she teaches that lesson to herself fast!

No fashionista ever looked good in braces!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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