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Lindsay Lohan Flew To London To Party With A Prince…As His PAID Escort Date!


Okay, okay!

So we ALL KNEW that Lindsay Lohan was most likely lying when she said that pAArtying wasn't on her London New Year's Eve agenda, and of course, she proved us right when she was spotted out looking worse for wear with her own enabling mother Deviant Dina!

However, she TOTALLY has a legitimate excuse for going back on her word, you guys!

Turns out, the troubled, financially strapped starlet had a WORK ENGAGEMENT…with His Royal Highness Prince Haji 'Abdul' Azim of Brunei!

That's right, the third in line to succeed his country's throne reportedly paid $100,000 in cash to ring in 2013 with Lindsay Lohan!

But don't worry! She still was bold-face LYING when she announced her plans to stay in…as sources close to her reveal this little dalliance has been long secured in her schedule!

An insider explains:

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Escorts?! Hospitalization! Overdose?! More Details On Charlie Sheen's Plaza Meltdown!!!

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charlie sheen brought escort back to plaza hotel

Earlier, we reported that Charlie Sheen made a mess out of his room at the Plaza Hotel this morning and was caught by police drunk and naked in his trashed room. Life & Style has more details on the story and it turns out, the evening was much, MUCH worse than just an unruly bender.

According to reports, around 2 a.m. this morning, the police found Charlie in his room, like we said, obliterated and completely naked. The thing is, he wasn't alone. When police arrived, Charlie was passed out on the bed, while a woman was screaming for help inside a closet! When police released her, she too was naked and informed officials she was a paid escort Charlie had brought back with him. Sources say that the woman was "fearing for her life" as Charlie started to wake up and began "screaming slurs at the cops," though they were mostly incoherent.

When the police realized who he was, they "immediately gave him two options," according to the source. Either they could take him to the hospital or take him down to the station. Charlie decided on the hospital.

Meanwhile, this all went down while his two daughters, Sam and Lola, and his ex-wife Denise Richards were all in ear shot in the next room. The family had arrived earlier in the week for a vacation, but so much for that. The source says that his girls were still sleeping while this was all happening, but that Denise "had to go with the cops and leave the girls with a nanny." She reportedly looked "distraught."

Denise as then spotted accompanying Charlie into the ambulance to the hospital. An eyewitness heard paramedics calling the situation "an overdose". Meanwhile, hotel officials, after inspecting his room, have priced the damage to Charlie's suite at about $7,000!

Sad. He didn't even last a year!

What a shame for his two little girls. And poor Denise! We applaud her for making an effort to be a family with him, but after this, maybe he doesn't deserve it. He obviously doesn't take it as seriously as she does.

So sad!

[Image via WENN.]

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Charlie Moves Home And Brooke Moves OUT!

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These two need to get a divorce already!

Charlie Sheen has moved back home after spending his evenings at rehab and he brought his paid escort "friend" with him!

Brooke Mueller moved out immediately since she refuses to be anywhere near her husband.

"Their relationship is dead," a source reveals. "Brooke wants a payout. She doesn't want to sleep in the same house with him she's so disgusted."

Can't say we blame her!

[Image via WENN.]

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Charlie Sheen Is A Cheater!


We're not surprised!

Charlie Sheen may be going to a treatment center in Malibu to rehab his coke and alcohol addictions, but some things never change - he's a cheater!

“He is seeing Brooke and the kids a lot and is good about continuing treatment,” said a friend of Brooke’s. “He has been sweet to Brooke, and promises her that he’s changed.” But Brooke would be wise not to take Charlie’s promises too seriously."

According to In Touch Weekly, the TV actor has been cheating on his wife with lingerie model Angelina Tracy. And she isn't even getting it for free! Angelina is a paid escort who charges $3,000 an hour under the professional name of Nina.

Although it's unclear if Charlie is paying for her time because she has been spending a lot of it with her! He brought her back to his mansion while Brooke was out of town AND he's been spotted wearing a clever disguise (LOLZ!) while trying to sneak into her home in Studio City.

“He ran down to his car,” said the onlooker, who saw Charlie wearing a hooded sweatshirt, dark sunglasses and a mustache. “It seemed like he wanted to leave as quickly as possible.”

On another rendezvous, Angelina was seen running down her stairs and into the backseat of Charlie’s chauffeured Mercedes.

“Charlie had a bouquet of flowers waiting for her, and her face lit up when he handed them to her,” said an onlooker. “You could see them kissing on the lips.”

And that wasn't all! He had more gifts in the car.

“Maybe clothes or lingerie,” continued the eyewitness.

Real clASSy. Get anything for your wife?!

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