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Ancient Animal Life Is WEIRD!

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Somewhere around 520 million years ago, there was an explosion of life known as the Cambrian Period.

The fossil record from that time has some of our oldest ancestors… and some creatures that don't resemble anything on earth today!

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Prehistoric Man Used To EAT Ancient Pandas?!?!

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NOOOOOO!!!!!! Who would eat such a GAWRGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL creature?!!!?

Chinese scientist Wei Guangbiao hypothesizes that ancient pandas used to be a LOT smaller than their big balls of fun they are today.

And prehistoric man used to snack on them!

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Distant Relative Of Tyrannosaurus Rex Discovered

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new dinosaur discovered

A new dinosaur has been discovered!

And by new, we mean old.

The Eodromaeus (pronounced eyo-DRO-may-us), a 4-foot long hunter that lived 230 million years ago in what is now South America has been revealed as the quick-moving predator that set the stage for the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex to follow in its footsteps.

Paul C. Sereno of the University of Chicago, a leader of the team that discovered Eodromaeus, says of the creature:

"It was a little dinosaur, but it carried a big evolutionary stick."

Sounds like it! Move over Spielberg, this is the guy we really have to thank for Jurassic Park.

Its features, like a balancing tail and air pockets in the skull, show it was closely related to T. rex, but it only weighed 10-15 pounds!

Nick Longrich of the department of geology and geophysics at Yale University agrees with the significance of the discovery, saying:

"It's very significant, because it helps give us a better idea of what the ancestor of carnivorous dinosaurs – including Tyrannosaurus, Allosaurus and the birds – would have looked like."

Excitement is in the air of the paleontology world as the new find brings scientists to within a few million years of the original "Eve" dinosaur!

Very cool stuff! We love dinosaurs and are still crossing our fingers they might come back one day.

What do U think of the new dinosaur?

[Image via AP Images.]

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Dinosaur Discovery!

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oldest raptor dinosaur bones in America discovered in Utah

The oldest raptors to roam what is now American soil were thought to be about 75 million years old, but scientists announced Thursday a new discovery dates raptors back 125 million years!

Bones of a small, feathered raptor-like dinosaur, the Geminiraptor suarezarum, were discovered in eastern Utah and is the oldest reported discovery of its kind.

James Kirkland, a paleontologist with the Utah Geological Survey, describes the species as:

"They were fast, they were smart, they had big eyes and very dexterous hands."

The creature was named after identical twins, Celina and Marina Suarez of San Antonio, Texas who discovered the quarry where the bones were found.

Celina Suarez commented on their discovery:

"As kids, we always kind of thought we might dig up a dinosaur in our backyard. We didn't know we would have to drive to Utah to do it."

The quarry, now named after the twin sisters as well, has since yielded two dinosaur discoveries, with bones that may suggest a third!

Job well done, ladies!

Now we just need to work on using DNA to bring dinosaurs back to life so we can open that theme park we've always dreamed of.

[Image via AP Images.]

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