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Sarah Palin Blasts TIME For Naming Barack Obama The Person Of The Year

We guess she isn't a fan. Big shocker there, right?

Barack Obama was recently bestowed a prestigious honor, but there's one lady from Alaska who isn't happy and is voicing her OUTRAGE!!!

Sarah Palin reached out to, who else?, FOX News and said it was "silly" that Obama had won Time's person of the year, especially since one isn't even sure he is even an actual person!! He could be an alien for all she knows!!

Okay, she didn't say that last remark literally, but she definitely suggested it with her piercing eyes. Just look at those retinas; they STILL want to see a birth certificate!

The best part of this is when Palin says that no one should take Obama's award seriously since after all she was once named a person of interest by Time Magazine, so they obviously don't know what they're talking about.

Ouch! Um, was that a backhanded compliment or insult? And who was it directed to? And when is your reality show coming back?

Ch-ch-check it out by clicking PLAY directly (above) !!!

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Bristol Palin Thinks She's 'A Grounded, Normal Mom'


Bristol Palin has a lot of traits to her, but we never considered normal to be one of them.

The reality superstar begs to differ, however. She claims, among other things, that she's a "grounded, normal mom."

Here's the rest of what she said:

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Levi Johnston Wins (Worst) Father Of The Year


Uh oh.

Levi Johnston is back in the spotlight, but for all the wrong reasons!

The former Palin family member hopeful is utterly broke after blowing through $1 million on essential items like "guns, boats, and four-wheelers."

Easy come. Easy go.

Here's what one source said:

"Levi Johnson hasn't paid child support in nearly two years, and he has little contact with Tripp [Palin]."

Levi, however, dismisses any notion he isn't a wonderful father. Even if the whole fatherhood thing doesn't feel quite real.

He's also got another bundle of love on its way from the stork.

Maybe he'll do better with second child, although it remains doubtful.

We're thinking that naming the girl on its way Breeze Beretta Johnston, after the Beretta firearm, isn't the best way to start things off.

It could blow up in his face!

Poor Bristol.

[Image via WENN.]

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Track Palin Got Hitched!

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Track Palin Gots Married

The oldest of the Palins, and proud owner of a ridiculous name, Track Palin, married his high school sweetheart!

Track married Britta Hanson, who is 21, in what they're calling an "intimate ceremony" in Hatcher Pass, Alaska.

In the middle of the week!

Though it is not entirely uncommon for people to have impromptu and secret weddings during the middle of the week, we feel like most of those cases have very good, probably irreversible reasons as to why they're doing it. We'll go ahead and let you draw your own conclusions from our vibes preggers??.

She's just a nursing student in love with an army reservist, and here's the family's statement:

"Our families couldn't be happier! These are two hard working, humble, active, studious young adults who grew up together. We're tickled that after two decades of friendship we proudly witnessed their marriage, knowing their new life together will be blessed.

They will have a larger wedding celebration this winter at Alaska's Alyeska Ski Resort when extended family and friends from the Lower 48 can travel north for a long ski weekend.

The Hanson and Palin families are ecstatic and proud that Britta and Track married in one of our favorite spots in America, spectacular Hatcher Pass, Alaska. It's a site we've all shared fun memories of skiing, snowboarding, hiking and snowmachining."

Well, regardless of the motives, we hope the main one was and always will be love! Because marriage should always first and foremost be between love and love!

We DO extend our congratulations to Track and Britta! Here's to hoping your marriage is long and filled with happiness!

Again, congrats!

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Tina Fey Defends Palin Impersonation

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Tina On Palin Defensive

As she should!

Not only was it HIGHlarious, but it was a smart and extremely well-executed impersonation that landed right at the right time!

Despite impersonations being a staple of comedy and jokes, people had been pretty up in arms over it, saying that it was detrimental to McCain's bid for the Presidency and that it was purely for the ratings. Also that it, ridiculously we might add, confused Fey for the real thing with some people.


Here's how Fey responds in her new book, Bossypants:

"Some may argue that exploiting Governor Palin and her family helped bring attention to my low-rated TV show. I am proud to say you are wrong. My TV show still enjoys very low ratings. In fact, I think the Palin stuff may have hurt the TV show. Let's face it, between Alec Baldwin and me there is a certain fifty percent of the population who think we are pinko Commie monsters."


Despite appearing on SNL alongside her, Palin has never been a fan of the impersonation. We mean, who COULD be a fan of that?? You'd have to have a pretty good sense of humor or something!

Tina, just keep doing what you do. You're one of the funniest women alive, and we support how you handle yourself and your humor!

How do U feel about Fey's impersonation??

[Image via WENN.]

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