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James Franco Hits On ANOTHER High School Girl! Only This One Is Emma Roberts! Watch The Palo Alto Trailer HERE!

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Oh no! Is James Franco flirting with disaster in the form of another underage girl?

OK, this is just a movie and the girl in question is being played by 23-year-old Emma Roberts. But it is a movie based on a book James wrote… The whole thing seems kind of sketchy in light of recent events!

The flick actually looks like a nice coming-of-age kind of story, but the timing couldn't have been worse! Is it just a terrible coincidence? Or is there some sublegal subtext we should be picking up on?

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the first trailer for James Franco's Palo Alto and decide for yourself!

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Emma Roberts Stares Into The Deep Abyss In The New Palo Alto Poster!

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palo alto poster1

Ooh, how mysterious!

Emma Roberts is starring opposite of James Franco in the Gia Coppola-directed film Palo Alto, and here she is, staring into the depths of your soul!

The film takes place in a high school setting, following the lives of Emma's character, April, who enters into a relationship with her soccer coach Mr. B.

It was also based on a collection of short stories the This Is the End actor wrote for his book Palo Alto!

Palo Alto hits theaters May 9th!

[Image via Entertainment Weekly.]

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Emma Roberts on the Palo Alto posterEmma Roberts on the Palo Alto posterEmma Roberts on the Palo Alto posterEmma Roberts on the Palo Alto posterEmma Roberts on the Palo Alto posterEmma Roberts on the Palo Alto poster

James Franco Pulls A Zach Braff! Tries Crowdfunding Film Trilogy!

James Franco wants you!

Well, he wants your money anyway. Like his Oz: The Great And Powerful costar Zach Braff, James has decided to try crowdfunding his pet project.

Unlike Zach, who could have gotten the money the traditional way after his success with Garden State, James' project is a little riskier for traditional backers.

First, he's not even going to be behind the lens of the trilogy of films based on his book Palo Alto. He's giving some handpicked NYU film students a shot at it.

Second, all the films' profits will be going to charity. Not a good incentive for a business decision!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to let James tell you more!

Hmm, $10,000 gets you a dinner with the man himself. We wonder how much dancing costs

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Burglar Broke Into Steve Jobs' Home Without Knowing It Belonged To The Apple Mogul!

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A 35-year-old burglar broke into a memorabilia gold mine in Palo Alto, California on July 17 and didn't even know it!

Alameda resident Kariem McFarlin was arrested on August 2 after stealing over $60,000 worth of "computers and personal items" from Steve Jobs!

He's facing a maximum prison sentence of seven years and eight months as a result, but did not target the "1930s brick-and-slate country cottage" because of its famous owner.

In fact, he only realized where he was once he

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Napster Co-Founder Justin Timberlake Sean Parker On Why Facebook Beat Myspace

sean parker on why facebook beat myspace

MySpace is about to say GoodbyeSpace…but WhySpace???

During a recent interview, Napster co-founder Sean Parker opened up about why he believes Facebook beat out MySpace in the Social Network wars.

Here's Sean on where MySpace went wrong:

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Mark Zuckerberg Gets Facebook Stalker!

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mark zuckerberg gets facebook stalked

This guy's got a lot of nerve to Facebook-stalk the creator of Facebook himself!

Mark Zuckerberg has filed a restraining order against Pradeep Manukonda, a 31-year-old Facebook user who has been stalking Mark through his own website.

According to legal docs, Manukonda has attempted to "follow, surveil and contact Mr. Zuckerberg using language threatening his personal safety." Mark is also fearful for his girlfriend and sister's safety.

Not only has Manukonda been Facebook-stalking Mark, but he's been ACTUALLY stalking him too! Sources say that Pradeep ventured out to Facebook offices in Palo Alto in search of Mark, to ask him for money.

Even worse, he was caught by Facebook security approaching the front steps of Zuckerberg's home. Yikes!

Mark has been awarded his restraining order, and Pradeep cannot come within 300 yards of Mark, his sister, or his girlfriend.

Hopefully he gets the message that he needs to leave Mark alone.

SO scary!

[Image via AP Images.]

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James Franco Reads From His Book Palo Alto

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James Franco is certainly a jack of all trades!

Now that he's an author, James took time out of his busy schedule to attend a book signing for his book Palo Alto, as well as read excerpts from one of the book's stories The Rainbow Goblins.

Watch the clip (above) to hear his story. But just to warn ya, the story may be interesting, but his monotone voice will have you falling asleep. Ha! We're just sayin'…

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