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Just Too Excited For Justin Bieber's Photo; Fallen Paparazzo Was A 'Sweet Guy'

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Tuesday's incident was a prime example of the less-than-stellar safety practices of the paparazzi, but Chris Guerra was a human and a loved one before anything else.

And even though he shouldn't have been putting himself — or others for that matter — in danger, his memory shouldn't be heavily tarnished with the collective opinion of the general paparazzi.

Before being struck by another car in pursuit of the perfect Justin Bieber photo, Chris was a "sweet, cool guy" according to one of his fellow shutterbugs. The 29-year-old was always nice to the celebrities, he says, continuing with:

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Lindsay Lohan Geeks Out Over Papz During Million Dollar Decorators Taping!

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Papz be getting all UP in Lilo's grill furniture shopping trip, and the chaotic cutie does NOT like it!

The first part of Lindsay Lohan's Million Dollar Decorators double-episode debuted recently, and girl gets all sorts of antsy during a sit down with celeb home-stylist Kathryn Ireland in fancy LA furniture store Kreiss.

While picking out

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Justin Bieber Paparazzo Death: Who WAS The Driver?! …Mystery Revealed!!

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justin bieber lil twist paparazzi death

A young photographer lost his life Tuesday night in the pursuit of a scandalous Justin Bieber claim.

After believing he witnessed Bieber smoking pot behind the wheel earlier in the day, Chris Guerra chased Justin's white Ferrari after he saw it leave the Four Seasons hotel parking lot.

Thinking Justin was in the car, Chris was determined to get that perfect shot of The Biebs. It seems like maybe he even thought he could catch him smoking from a pipe again.

But Biebs wasn't even in the car. As it turns out, Lil Wayne protege Lil Twist was behind the wheel.

Justin and Twist had just

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Justin Bieber Smoking Pot Behind The Wheel!?! Photog Killed In Pursuit Of Scandalous Claim

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justin bieber weed paparazzi death

This is pretty sad. Just warning you now!

Chris Guerra, the celebrity photographer who died Tuesday evening on the pursuit of Justin Bieber, had been working on what he believed to be a HUGE story all day long.

According to sources connected with one of the photo agencies he worked for, Chris made a call around 5:15pm alerting them that he believed Justin and Selena Gomez were staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills — NOT Mexico.

Excited about such a big scoop, he said:

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Miley Cyrus Backs Justin Bieber & Slams Foolish Paparazzi!

Miley Cyrus Tweets Justin Bieber Paparazzo Death

We previously reported that a paparazzo was struck by a car and killed last night in El Lay, after attempting to take pics of Justin Bieber’s Ferrari.

While the Biebs himself has spoken out, it looks like one of his friends, Miley Cyrus, has taken to Twitter to voice her opinion on the unfortunate tragic incident!

Shortly after the news let out, Miley logged onto the social networking site to stick up for the Biebs and call attention to the issue of overbearing paparazzi.

Miley tweeted:

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Selma Blair And Saint Blow Us A Kiss!

Selma Blair And Saint Blow Us A Kiss

One of the first times we saw Selma Blair was in Cruel Intentions, where Sarah Michelle Gellar was teaching her how to kiss!

Now, Selma is paying it forward to the next generation!

The Hellboy star was spotted doing a little grocery shopping in El Lay on Monday when she and Arthur Saint decided to blow the cameras a kiss!

Hey, Monday was New Year's Eve! Too bad that kiss wasn't at midnight! Then we'd all have good luck for the whole year!

Thanks, Selma and Saint! We'll keep it right here in our pocket!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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Justin Bieber Releases Statement On Paparazzo Death! Read HERE!

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justin bieber believe tour paparazzi death

Ugh! We're getting shivers over this!

As we previously reported, Tuesday evening was the last New Year's one paparazzo would ever see.

Following that perfect photograph of Justin Bieber, a celebrity photographer high-tailed it to where he believed the popstar was during a routine traffic stop in El Lay.

With the famous white Ferrari stopped for the CHP, the pap put his life in danger trying to get a snapshot of Justin… despite CHP's warnings.

The photog was then struck by an oncoming car and killed. Justin wasn't even in the car…

But even though he wasn't present during the incident, he's affected nonetheless. Having just released a statement on the matter, he says:

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