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Simon Cowell Lies Through His Teeth Defending LeAnn Rimes' X Factor Performance?

simon-cowell-leann-rimes-x-factor-drunk-singing FOX carly rose sonenclar

Hopefully Simon Cowell isn't considering a career as a professional card player, because his poker face is absolute crap!

The paparazzi caught up to him outside The Grove yesterday and the topic on everyone's mind was LeAnn Rimes' sobering startling X Factor performance!

So what did Simon say about the duet that shocked the world?

He merely described it as "…interesting."

Heh. 2012 is almost over but, Simon continues campaigning for Understatement of the Year!

The X Factor judge fervently

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Jane Fonda Still Works Out Three Days A Week

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Jane Fonda is still in incrediballz shape!

She's 74-years-old but you'd never know it by looking at her!

While leaving a nail salon in Beverly Hills the paps caught up with her and started swarming.

The first part of the video is mainly the paparazzi just harassing her, but eventually they ask her how often she works out.

She responded that she works out three days a week!

Wowzers! That's ahmayzing! We wonder if she works out to her own videos… LOLz!

Working out seems like the secret to a long and healthy life!

Check out the video (above) to see one fit and FABulous 74-year-old!

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Selma Blair Lashes Out On The Paparazzi For Malnourished Shots!

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Photos of Selma Blair's malnourished body surfaced on Sunday, and since she did NOT look the least bit pretty, she's upset that the paparazzi snapped the unbearable shots.

So to make some kind of sense of her uncomely pics, she tweeted:

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Katie Holmes & Suri Are Two Fashionable Ladies In The City!

Suri seriously HATES the paparazzo, but she still looks GAWRGEOUS when they take her pic!! LOLz

Katie Holmes and her little angel were spotted out and about in New York City on Saturday, and even though Suri looked ever so stylish, she still hid her face from the camera.

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Nicole Richie Exercises To Stay Warm!

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Nicole Richie was spotted out and about on a chilly El Lay day over the weekend!

She was on her way out of her gym in Sherman Oaks.

Must've been a pretty chilly day to bundle up like that!

It was probably below 70 degrees!! LOLz!

Glad to see her fitness is more important to her than warmth!

The cold is a good excuse to wear her paparazzi shielding scarf too.

They still snapped her though!

C'mon, Nicole, let's see that pretty face!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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Amanda Seyfried Supports Anne Hathaway After Scandalously Exposing Vajayjay

Anne Hathaway vagina slip amanda seyfried explains

This unsolved mystery has been plaguing experts for decades three days.

Finally, actress and known genius, Amanda Seyfried, has come forward to shed some light on the one question on everyone's mind: why the f*ck wasn't Anne Hathaway wearing undies at the Les Misérables premiere?

According to Anne's Les Mis the co-star the answer is… it was hot out.

When questioned about Hathaway's little lip slip, Seyfried told reporters:

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Justin Bieber's Paparazzi Attack: Water Bottle War!

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Justin Bieber Paparazzi Water Bottle Attack

Uh oh! Someone looking for trouble?

Justin Bieber better be careful or else he’s going to end up with as many mugshots as Lindsay Lohan.

The Biebs took a little frustration out on some paparazzi in Miami when he threw a plastic water bottle in their one direction.

While we’d like to believe it was an innocent mistake (maybe they were standing next to a trash can??), Justin doesn’t have the best record with the paps.

Like seriously, it’s not a good record.

But this time, instead of ending up questioned by police, The Biebs was able to carry on with his day.

The outburst was mild, no one was injured and no police were around to catch him.

Maybe he’s finally learning how to get away with acting bad!

Honestly though, it might be time for him to stop with these attacks.

Bad boys are sexy and all, but we doubt Selena Gomez will put up with this for long.

And when she doesn't, we'll be here for you!

[Image via Juan Garces/Jackson Lee/Splash News.]

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