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Twilight Shooting Massacre Attempt STOPPED By Police! Suspect Arrested!

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breaking dawn 2 shooting attempt lammers

What in the world is going on??

Blaec Lammers has been accused of buying assault rifles and more than 400lbs of ammo for a brutal shooting plot similar to the Dark Knight Massacre.

Believed to have been targeting a showing of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 and a Wal-Mart, the 20-year-old Missouri man was red-flagged by his own mom.

Suspicious of his latest purchases, she called the police on Thursday and alerted them of the severely scary situation.

Though his original target was a Breaking Dawn: Part 2 screening this weekend (he had already bought tickets), he apparently had Wal-Mart as his second choice "because if he ran out of ammunition he would be able to break the glass where the ammunition is stored and get more."

In a probable-cause statement, he said he was a quiet loner with homicidal thoughts.

Thank goodness for mothers, everyone!! They are the angels of the world, and his was able to prevent who knows how many deaths!!

We can only hope and pray that nothing similar is attempted this weekend. Surely security is strict with the climate of the recent news. Or at least we would hope so!

Be safe, everyone!! Please!!

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EXCLUSIVE! Nutty Madam Puts Twilight Fans To The Ultimate Test!

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These dedicated Twilight lovers need to go back to history class!!

They might know everything about the Saga, but they totally FAIL at remembering some of the most important details of history!

You won't believe some of the answers they come up with when Nutty Madam puts them to the test. Srsly, it's HIGHLARIOUS!!

Ch-ch-check it ouuttt (above)!!!

Geez!! Edward would not be impressed, ladies!! But we are! Ha!

We definitely wanna thank the brave ladies who answered our Q's! XOXO

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EXCLUSIVE! Perez's Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Premiere Special… With World's Biggest Twilight Fan - Nutty Madam!!!


We've been waiting with fiery anticipation to reveal our EXCLUSIVE coverage of the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiere! And now it's here!!

With fangs thirsty for Twilight refreshment and a fever that makes us wanna howl at the moon… we present to you…



Yes!! The very same Twi-hard who melted everyone's heart with her glorious take on Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal is the same one we brought to the premiere of the year!


It's an event for the ages!! Behold the magic of VAMPIYAH!

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Kristen Stewart Gets Semi-Emotional On Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Red Carpet!

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kristen stewart breaking dawn 2 premiere graduation after party

Cue that Vitamin C song!

We're about to get teary-eyed in here!!

Kristen Stewart, who loves The Twilight Saga like a litter of baby kittens, once put a reporter in his place for nearly giving the secret ending away.

And now she's making everyone feel a lil' nostalgic for something that hasn't even ended yet.

Comparing the final film of the franchise to a graduation, she told reporters at the premiere:

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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Cuddle Up On Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Red Carpet!!

kristen stewart robert pattinson breaking dawn 2 premiere red carpet together

The Volturi of Love has spoken!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are TOGETHER FOREVER …maybe forever!

Cuddling up side by side for the photogs, the couple of the year made their relationship known yet again at the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiere.

KStew spoke out at Monday night's El Lay red carpet event, saying:

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Kristen Stewart Enraged As Reporter Spills Secret Breaking Dawn 2 Ending! WATCH!

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Ooo SH*T! KStew's pissed!!

During a press conference for Breaking Dawn: Part 2, a reporter accidentally gave away the SUPER SECRET, SUPER SURPRISE ending that Twi-hards have been dying for!

…or at least hurting their backs for as they sleep in tents awaiting the premiere.

And Kristen Stewart's reaction is AH-MAZING!

Like a fierce mama cat, she quickly stops him from damaging her baby kitten any further.

You gotta PRESS that PLAY button to see it (above)!!!

Obviously don't if you wanna

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Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Cast Admits Stephenie Meyer Is A Pervert & The Imprinting Is Confusing

Ha! Nobody knows what the hell "imprinting" really is! Nobody!

Well, except Taylor Lautner… but we're sure he just has to say that.

Seriously though, you wanna check out this awesome new cast interview for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (above)!

Kristen Stewart has the best answers, Robert Pattinson has the funniest reactions, and TayTay… well, he's just effin' hot!!

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