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Angus T. Jones' Pastor Promises The Two And A Half Men Actor Will Soon Speak Out!

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Will Two And A Half Men survive without its other half?!

According to Angus T. Jones’ pastor, who’s featured in his video tirade, the 19-year-old actor is getting ready to officially sever ties with the show for good!

In the video we recently posted (above), Angus went on a rant about how the show is “filth” and told everyone to stop watching it!

So far, there’s been no word if the show’s execs have talked to him about the incident, but it sounds like Angus is already over it!

Christopher Hudson, Angus’ Seventh-day Adventist pastor, stated

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North Carolina Pastor Preaches About The Death Of ALL Homosexuals!

Holy whackomole!

This poorly misguided North Carolina pastor has nothing but hate in his heart for the LGBT community and is stopping at nothing to spread it.

When talking about same-sex marriage, Pastor Charles L. Worley says that "the Bible's again it, God's again it, I'm again it and if you've got any sense you're again it!"

No, we didn't misspell "against". It's just that this guy never learned to pronounce words that end with "st".

Even sadder than his speech impediment is that his congregation actually supports what he's saying!

Ugh! What an unfortunate flock of sheep to be a part of, right? Check out his crazy rant (above) to hear his plan "to get rid of all the lesbians and queers." It involves locking us all up in a 100-mile long electrified fence, air dropping food, and waiting for us all to die out because we can't reproduce…

Luckily, he "couldn't get it past the Congress."

This is truly sickening stuff and we know it doesn't represent the majority of Christians, but we're overwhelmingly saddened that people still think this way and use their religion as an excuse for intolerance.

The LGBT community doesn't want to take God's love away from anybody, but for some reason there is a minority of religious folks who think the LGBT community doesn't deserve the same courtesy.

For the good of all mankind, this bigotry HAS to stop!

It would be easy to respond to this guy's hate with more hate, but we would NEVER want to lock Pastor Worley up in an electric fence and wait for him to die. Instead we'd rather lock him in a room filled with "lesbians and queers" so he can learn to live with them in peace.

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Homophobic Pastor: 'I Don't Advocate Beating Your Gay Child'

Do you believe him?

The infamous pastor from N.C. who told parents to BEAT the gay out of their children has retracted his violent and disgusting statement and claimed his terrible sermon was taken out of context.

Watch the video (above) and decide for yourself what context those ill-informed comments were meant to be in.

Here's what Pastor Harris said:

"Those were not the best choice of words. If I had to do it over again again I would not choose those words. I was using hyperbole in an effort to communicate the importance of the gender distinctions that God created."

He claims his sermon was based on specific bible passages which condemn homosexuality, but when asked about similar passages that condone slavery, Harris insisted slavery is wrong. At least he got something right.

He's still an a** though!

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Pastor Inspires Congregations To Get In Shape For God

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If you're not going to get in shape for yourself, your kids, family or friends, then at least do it for God!

After losing over 100 pounds himself, Pastor Steve Reynolds has created a weight loss system based around

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RiRi's Childhood Pastor Concerned For Her

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Barbados is really concerned for one of its biggest superstars.

Rihanna's childhood pastor has urged the singer to clean up her act and he does not like RiRi's reconnection with Chris Brown.

Bishop Vibert Lowe says Ri's homeland is "praying for" her and he doesn't condone her new attitude. The pastor said the following about Rihanna's new lifestyle:

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