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Hines Ward Is The Father!

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Last week, we announced that Hines Ward may have a 1-year-old daughter, and according to a freshly taken paternity test… he is indeed the FATHER!!

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Kris Humphries Prepares To Take A Paternity Test…And Get BACK With Booty Call Girl?!

kris humphries paternity test possible reunion

Well, this is certainly an inneresting development in the Kris Humphries booty call-turned-baby debacle!

As we've reported, the former Mr. Kim Kardashian is now facing fatherhood in a big way, as his ex-girlfriend Myla Sinnaj is three months pregnant, and claims he's the dad!

And now

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Ryan O'Neal Proves He Is NOT The Daddy!


Ryan O'Neal isn't having a baby.

Jessica Zellers had claimed the actor was the father of her child, but a paternity test have proven those claims to be FALSE.

O'Neal is indeed not the biological father.

And the actor is most definitely breathing a sigh of relief.

The man in incredibly sick and needs to focus on taking care of himself, let alone another human being.

Here's what his rep said:

"As we stated when this allegation was initially made, Mr. O'Neal never had sex with this woman, and we feel completely vindicated."

Wait, what does sex have to do with making babies?

Everyone knows that the stork is the one responsible for those little joys.

Right? LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

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Linda Evangelista To Salma Hayek's Hubby: You ARE The Father!


After years of denying it, the truth is finally out!

Supermodel Linda Evangelista has revealed Salma Hayek's husband Francois-Henri Pinault is the father of her 4 year old son Augustin James and now she wants him to pay up.

Evangelista was in court for the third or fourth time on Thursday to work out a child support agreement with her baby's daddy, but no such luck meaning a trial will most likely take place in fall.

And in case you're wondering, Augustin was born in October 2006, almost a year before his half-sister Valentina.

Wonder what Salma thinks of all this???

[Image via Ramey Pix & WENN.]

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Ryan Phillippe Will Take DNA Test!

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Yesterday, Ryan Phillippe's world was rocked when model Alexis Knapp announced her unborn baby is Ryan's love child. As she has no proof to support this claim at present, sources close to Ryan say he is ready and willing to take a DNA test, but only after the baby is born.

See, its very risky to run a prenatal paternity test. There's a slight risk of a miscarriage and Ryan doesn't want that to happen. So, he's holding off until the tyke is born.

And when that day comes and if it turns out the baby is indeed his, a pal close to Ryan says he has every intention of stepping up and doing right by both baby and mommy.

He's a good man. We imagined nothing less from him.

Too bad he has to wait till June to find out though. The suspense is killing us - imagine what it is doing to him?!

[Image via WENN.]

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