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Paging Maury Povich! Teen Mom Needs You!

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They need you and your magical DNA machine because one of there stars may not know who her baby daddy is!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is known as the feisty one on the show. (You may also remember her from her, um, Ke$ha cover.) A "friend" of the reality mom has come forward to OK Magazine with a startling revelation about Jenelle's baby daddy Andrew Lewis:

He may not be the father after all!

Turns out, when Jenelle introduced Andrew, who is an alcoholic and former model, to the world on 16 and Pregnant as her one-year-old son's father, she neglected to mention that there was someone else who might also be the boy's dad. According to this friend of hers, Jenelle slept with Stephen Fullwood, Jenelle's best friend's boyfriend, while Andrew gave rehab a whirl and it seems more likely that Stephen is the father than Andrew.

However, according to Jenelle's current boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, she won't be getting a DNA test because "she doesn’t want to know."

Boy, this girl certainly gets around, doesn't she!

Maybe you don't want to know, bb, but we bet those two boys do. One of them is the father of that child and we think they deserve to know which one of them it is.

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Lil' Wayne Impregnated A Woman Before Rikers Island?

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lil wayne paternity test illegitimate child

Lil' Wayne probably prepared himself for a slew of challenges while serving at Rikers Island. One thing we're sure he didn't plan for was getting hit with a paternity suit while behind bars!

And yet…

Sources are reporting that while Weezy was in jail, a woman in Missouri came forward, claiming to be the grandmother of an 8-year-old girl Lil' Wayne father in 2002. The grandmother went so far as to obtain a court order for a paternity test, but with Wayne behind bars at the time, there was nothing to be done. The judge in the case ordered the test be postponed and the deadline for Weezy to prove the kid is or isn't his is December 9.

What's strange about this whole thing is that the grandmother wouldn't say how her daughter plays into this scenario or if she even knows about the test. In fact, the birth mother wasn't even listed on any of the documents.

Figure that one out!

[Image via WENN.]

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Paging Maury Povich! We've Got A Doozy For Ya!

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Forget Michael Lohan! He's a waste compared to this!

Amityville Horror director Andrew Douglas is in the middle of a bitter paternity suit with this ex-wife. Accoding to Andrew, his wife lied to him for the last 17 years about being the father to their her daughter!

The story goes that the pair met in London back in the 90s and had a few brief, sexual encounters. Sometime after the two parted ways, the woman, Ameena Meer, came back to tell Andrew she was preganant with his child. She asked him if he would marry her so they could be a traditional family (per her parents request) and he agreed.

But since their divorce, he learned of another man who was apart of Ameena's life that is more likely the father. According to Andrew, the biological father rejected Ameena after she told him she was pregnant and wanted to get married, which is why she resorted to lying to Andrew.

The most damning evidence is the paternity test that Andrew already went through with and has filed with the courts. The results showed that there is zero percent probability of him being the father. Now, he is suing Ameena for $671,991 for damages.

All we keep thinking about is this poor 17 year old girl who is watching her family be torn about even more than before. Now. she has a father who isn't her father and mother who is a liar! She must be feeling just awful!

[Image via WENN.]

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Michael Lohan's Baby Momma Refusing DNA Test

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Although she is accusing Michael Lohan of being the father of her child, Kristi Horn Kaufman refuses to submit to a paternity test with her daughter Ashley on The Maury Povich Show.

And we don't blame her!

Michael claims that Maury reached out to both of them and they want nothing to do with it.

Lohan said:

"For the third time, Kristi has declined. Tell me, if Kristi is so sure, and she even had the nerve to change Ashley's birth certificate to my last name, WHY won't she take the test?

We are going to reopen the case. And demand a paternity test. What nerve this three-times scorned con woman has to have her daughter claim she is my daughter, without any proof and not wanting to find out the truth for herself."

The famewhore added that he is asking the judge for Kaufman's $300,000 judgement for support be put aside until he reopens the case in her hometown of Montana.

Ugh. We'd do anything to hide that Lohan was related to our child. Lots of luck!

[Image via WENN.]

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Maury Povich Offers His Services To Michael Lohan!

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There is only one place in the world where a paternity case can be settled:

The Maury Show!

Cue Michael Lohan, who is reportedly in talks with the show's producers to clear up the recent scandalous allegations that he fathered an illegitimate daughter 15 years ago!

Michael wants to drag alleged baby momma Kristi Kaufmann on the show and take Maury's famous paternity test to prove he never sperminated this woman. Papa Lohan insists that any evidence that this woman has, including the child's birth certificate to bearing Michael's name, is completely fabricated.

Just when you thought he couldn't stoop any lower!

[Image via WENN.]

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